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Mass Effect 5 must be clearly different from Andromeda (Mass Effect 4). That’s why we have 5 aspects here that the game must have for release – working.

Mass Effect Returns: We know that Mass Effect is returning and that to the Milky Way. The Reaper seems defeated & we experience the aftermath. At least that’s what the trailer that was presented at the Game Awards 2020 makes us believe. We’re taking the latest trailer as an opportunity to report on the next big offshoot, Mass Effect 5. It is of course not known whether this will be called that. Find out more about Mass Effect 5 here!

I want these 5 features for Mass Effect 5!

Disclaimer: Every fan of the series will have their own wishes for the next part of the series. Just share them in the comments or on Facebook with us and others!

1. Fine-tuning of technology

That went wrong: In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the tech just didn’t work as it should. The fights felt great, but the dialog and animation didn’t. The game also crashed faster than the Normandy SR1 at the beginning of Mass Effect 2. Animations were horrific and even a big patch that was supposed to improve them did not bring a miracle cure.

This is how it has to be: The first trilogy was not a picture book implementation either, in terms of conveying emotions and credible reactions. It speaks volumes, however, that Mass Effect (2007) has better polish than Andromeda (2016). But it wasn’t just because of the animations, but also because of the texture pop-ins, invisible enemies, and holes in the game world. Please organic goods, this has to get better.

2. Customizable spaceship

Do it like Star Citizen! Granted, this point comes from my new affinity with Star Citizen. My favorite part of the game is exploring and discovering new spaceships, of which there are dozens of variations. So why not a spaceship market in Mass Effect 5 or a choice of multiple spaceships? Optionally, a customizable ship would certainly be a good alternative. I don’t just mean the color, but more in-depth cosmetic adjustments, such as a star deck or a high-end sleeping cabin. That shouldn’t turn into a grind, however.

mass effect star citizen schiffanpassung

3. Back to the Milky Way, so …

That’s why Andromeda is boring: In Mass Effect: Andromeda we have already defeated the evil Kett. The ancient machines and the Scourge are also destroyed. If the reapers don’t suddenly decide to attack other galaxies, then I can’t imagine an exciting story in this galaxy.

So what we want for the confirmed return to the Milky Way is this:

  • Freely explorable planets (more on that in a moment).
  • Return of familiar faces.
  • Taking up the events of Mass Effect 1 – 3.

4. Free and optional planetary exploration

Not like in Andromeda, please! You might think I’m just bashing Andromeda here. But I liked the game, except for the technical nonsense. Well, the planetary exploration could have been a bit leaner. Because I don’t want to run around and have a question mark every few hundred meters in sight.

Like in Mass Effect 1, please! In the first Mass Effect, we were able to explore many planets simply thanks to description texts. But some were passable with Mako. Here we were able to track down enemy bases and equipment.

There were also little stories about these places. This could also be combined with the idea of the adaptable spaceship since nobody is forced to go to the surface. The planets were mostly very bare, but with today’s technology, the implementation should be more interesting than green meadows or red deserts. Perhaps

5. Crew must have decision-making power

That’s why the crew has to have a say! In both the first Mass Effect trilogy and in Andromeda, we made most of the decisions on our own, no matter how risky. Our crew’s characters mostly only reacted to it, but always stood behind us. We remember Mass Effect 3 and the decision between Geth and the Quarians, or Tali.

For example, if we opted for the geth, Tali killed himself, but couldn’t change our decision. That’s why I want characters, like in Detroit: Become Human, who can express their own opinions. In this way, it would also emerge organically which crew members would become our best friends.

mass effect 5 tali suicide

Now it’s your turn! What do you wish for Mass Effect 5? Let us know in the comments & share your impression of the first trailer!


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