Wild Factor Games, the French developers of Freaking Meatbags, are polishing work on their upcoming movie-monster-raising, mansion-building, victim-slaughtering, strategy simulator Machiavillain.

Inspired by games like Dungeon Keeper and Prison Architect, as well as horror movie clichés you know and love, Machiavillain aims to make you the evil mastermind in charge of your very own murderous mansion of mayhem. Raise, capture, and craft up to 30 varieties of monsters based on your favourite and classic horror movies. Mummies, vampires, and Frankenstein’s monster are just a few of the minions that are planned for you to command and control.

Machiavillain - Header

Machiavillain will have resource gathering, so you can build the horror home of your dreams while crafting all of the amenities necessary to scare and murder. As a good.. er.. evil mastermind, you must keep your hordes of ghoulish lackeys happy, healthy, and fed. Draw innocent victims.. and bankers.. in as a source of food and entertainment for you and your minions.

But a word to the wise.. the League of Machiavellian Villains has strict rules that govern the ways in which you may dispatch your visitors. You must follow the unwritten rules of horror movies in order to maintain and increase a respectable Evil Mastermind Reputation:

  • You must only kill victims when they’re alone.
  • Unless they’re having sex, in which case, slaughter the degenerates!
  • You must kill the virgin last.
  • Victims can only be massacred at night.
  • Don’t kill the dog. NEVER kill the dog. What kind of monster would do that?!
  • Don’t let anyone escape. If they do, they’ll sic the good guys on you.

Machiavillain has been funded on Kickstarter and their page has a large list of features that will be in the game as well as many that they would like to implement. As with any game in this state of pre-release, the features listed may not be in the final product. But, if you like your haunted house strategy simulators to be peppered with humour, this may be worth keeping an eye on. We here at Survivethis will be anxiously awaiting more information to keep you up to date.

Machiavillain will be available on Steam and is aiming for an Autumn 2017 release.



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