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They say the greatest horror lies deep within the depths of sin, and this game got the memo and took it to the extreme. Gather your wits as you enter a world of weird spectacles that’ll turn you on and horrify you all at the same time in Lust for Darkness.

The Damned’s Abode

The plot is about a man receiving a letter from his girlfriend to come get him from a secluded mansion within an isolated area of the city. As familiar as it seems, mystery clouds the story with vague symbolism given to us as the main clue to what might lie along the path as you journey. To save your beloved from an unknown demise, or to even find her alive. You’ll find information through the dimly lit rooms of the vintage mansion, stroll through halls and fascinate in the perverted imagery of a sex house of some sort.

The game screams of eerie and doomful desires for you to gaze upon, wherein the terror is defined by you. You’re more of a volunteer than a victim, and it depends on your eyes if you are twisted enough to be satiated by your own carnal desires, or to fear and disgust the lust of the flesh. Venture through the erotic world of Lust for Darkness, a world of mystery, libido, and murder.


SOURCELust for Darkness via YouTube
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