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Farom Studio has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their upcoming third person, survival action game, Lost Region. The game is a revival of their previously released title from 2013, Bad Day, which was only available for the iOS mobile platform. Farom Studio began development of Lost Region after the release of Unreal Engine 4. During this time, a number of company members left the project, resulting in the studio losing the rights to Bad Day. To appease the fans and their erratic emails about the unfinished title, Farom Studio focused on making another game similar to their disastrous first attempt.

Lost in Survival

Welcome to a world where mankind’s biggest threat is itself. Lost Region puts players into a dog eat dog open world environment, where you can decide to be a lone ranger or build the ultimate survival group. Players can expect to engage in combat, looting, crafting, and building to get by in this game.

The developers at Farom Studio recently released new screenshots and pre-alpha gameplay footage of Lost Region on their campaign page. They are looking to raise $20,000 to complete the full game. The pricing packages will start at $7 USD, which rewards you with a Steam copy of the game, closed beta access, HD wallpapers and the beta section on their forum. The featured “Rookie Pack” is priced at $20 and includes a “Steam game copy, alpha access, the alpha section of their forum, HD wallpapers and 3 weapons”.

Lost Region campsite.
Be wary of who’s out there.

Exploration and Team Building

There are already several announced features to look forward to in Lost Region. The game’s open world map will allow for deep exploration. Players will able to “explore every building and visit any corner of the world, in an area spanning over 64 sq/km, to loot for supplies and the necessary tools to survive.” These locations include vast forests, abandoned cityscapes and underground architecture.

There will also be an online multiplayer option to create your own team or join an already existing team. In each game session, there can be up to 100 players. Co-op missions will be limited to 4 players only. Missions will be automatically generated for you, and you’ll have the option of completing them solo or with a team. Combat mechanics are designed for stealth. Take charge and lead ambushes with the help of your friends or “hired NPCS”. For defence during solo gameplay, you can crouch and sneak past enemies or throw objects to distract them.

Finding Your Way in the World

Lost Region will feature different groups and clans. The ones we know about so far are bandits, research teams and mercenary groups, who are all attempting to adapt to the harsh world around them. The player can choose a specific “path” or “destiny” they wish to follow. This will be either a bandit, a mechanic, a soldier, or an adventurer.

Another noticeable feature you will see on the map is the vast selection of buildings. These will vary from small to huge bases for players and NPCS to “capture, protect, create, or destroy”. Any abandoned building is a potential home, don’t forget that. Players will have the option of building temporary camps for the night or a more permanent abode to store loot. A crafting system is also included in the game. The items available for you to create will depend on the pre-story you select for your character.

Remember that your skills will improve through gameplay, “for example, if you are more of a close combat player and prefer melee weapons, you will end up upgrading your skills when you fight”. This provides you with “new perks” and “new opportunities”.

Despite sounding rather familiar, there are no zombies or mutants in Lost Region. The game focuses on warring between clans in an anarchic world. You will be predominantly fighting players and NPCs, along with the odd wild animal. This will all take place on realistic “Ex U.S. territories”. As of now, the game is being developed for Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms Mac and Linux with a planned release date for Spring 2017.

SOURCEFarom Studio - Official
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