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In a Livestream from the Xbox stage at PAX East in Boston, new gameplay footage was presented for Little Nightmares. Two members of Bandai Namco demoed the game and answered the moderator’s questions. Here, we have summarised the information for you.

Six Is Small and Fragile

On the Xbox stage, Bandai Namco members Dalton Link, Social Media & Community Manager and Kasumi Yogi, Brand Marketing, presented new gameplay footage live.

The heroine of the game is a little girl called Six, who finds herself in the Maw. Six must try to make her way undetected through the dangers of the Maw, but she is a very small child in an overly large world. This is a design decision of the developers to reflect typical childhood fears. Because of her small size, Six is extremely fragile, so be careful!

Little Nightmare - Big World
Little girl in a big world.

Everything Wants to Eat You!

There are many dangers in the Maw – traps, disgusting creatures, the cooks, the caretaker, as well as the other guests. Guests? Yes, guests! The Maw is nothing more than an exclusive restaurant on the high seas, emerging each year from the deep sea to serve it’s clientele. It’s menu consists of more exotic foods – you! You must try to keep Six out of the cook pot while exploring the Maw’s secrets.

The Maw arrives every year. Always at the same time, but never in the same place, it creeps and crawls and buries its claws deep beneath the glistening water. And there it sits in vast silence. Waiting.

Soon after, they start to arrive. The guests. The monstrous, sweating, hungry guests. All seams bursting, bodies bulging, eyes dead with boredom. They shuffle up the gangway and into the mouth of The Maw. And then they are no more.

For none of those that enter have ever returned to tell the tale. At least, not yet…

Little Nightmares - The Maw
The ominous Maw.

Sneak for Your Life

Stick to the dark places, make yourself scarce and stay alive. You can pick up, throw, move, drag or otherwise interact with most objects in the world. You will need to solve puzzles to get into the next room, or to escape to freedom.

Little Nightmares - The Kitchen
Be careful around the cook, or you’ll end up in that pot!

Let the Mystery Be

Not every question has been answered as the developers wanted to maintain an air of mystery about the game.  The demo was stopped just as Six was bent over in what appeared to be pain, her heart beating loudly. What was happening? Kasumi knew, but she wasn’t telling!

Maybe you’ll be able to discover what was happening to Six when Little Nightmares releases for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One on April 28th. Little Nightmares is currently available for pre-purchase on Steam.

To see gameplay footage and the discussion, you can watch on Twitch starting around the 1:25 mark.


SOURCEXbox via Twitch
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