In the flood of Indie-productions it’s not common for a studio to finance its cause by crowd funding. The South Korean survival title┬áLittle Devil Inside not only managed to surpass its funding goal, but also plans big aiming for releases on all mayor platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and PC.

The Lush Wilderness

Little Devil Inside is an open world-ish survival game where in you have the option to prepare in a safe zone before going into the outskirts to complete objectives. You’ll gather materials in town and get all you need to traverse and survive the outskirts, very similar to the gameplay of Monster Hunter. But in a survival way:

“You the main character is not a super hero or supernaturally gifted with powers in any way. Through the game he will develop and become strong but within human limitations. The character will be vulnerable and can be sick, be hurt, diseased etc.”

Ahh… the beauty of it all.

Fluid and Dynamic Combat System

“Slash and blast through enemies with swords, guns and steampunky gears in a responsive combat system that will be easy to learn and difficult to master.”

The game’s combat system is satisfying in the way it looks in the trailers and on the Kickstarter page. The art style might be gloom-ishly cartoony, but its combat sure seems impressive. It is fluid in its own way and is infact satisfyingly brutal at heart. All its weaponry are diverse, but limited to the world types imagination.

Resident Evil cliche’s, anyone?

Successful Pass on Kickstarter

Little Devil Inside has points and features interesting enough for the common RPG/survival fan. Many of its elements are unique, though having some similarities adapted over older games of the same genre. The game will be featuring some special treatment to those who’ll back the kickstarters, as usual as it gets. And, the PC version will require only subpar power. If you’re looking to pick yourself one up, the Kickstarter’s already up and has 5000 backers at the moment making up to 300.000 dollars.


SOURCELittle Devil Inside via Kickstarter
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