Life is Feudal


We dived into another survival game to bring you a brand new game introduction. This time we take a look at Life is Feudal: MMO, currently in early access. The game takes place in the medieval times and is mostly focussed on multiplayer. So let’s take a look shall we?

A New Journey

Once upon a time everything was going well, till the old gods awoke and brothers started to fight each other, dividing humankind in the progress. In addition even nature failed them, by sending out plagues and famine. The people who tried to sail to a distant forgotten land were called madmen. You are one, as you sail away trying to reach Abella. But your journey ends up on a rather cozy island where shipwrecks and hanged people welcome you to Newbie Island.

Life is Feudal
This is not how we thought our journey would go.

Yet, before we venture forwards, a character is needed. Just as in most multiplayer games you are able to customize your own character to a certain extend. After giving yourself a name you will have to choose your gender and race. In addition you can change the voice, hair, skin and hair color as well as tattoos. Besides that, you will need to spend abilities in the three specializations; Attributes, Crafting skills and Combat skills. Some of your skill points get automatically placed, depending on what race you choose to be.

Life is Feudal
A part of the character creation screen, beware that each race has its own history and standard abilities.

The Fundamentals

On Newbie Island you are able to do a certain amount of tasks to learn the basics of the game such as forging, foraging and building before you venture to Albella. During the first hours you are left with more questions than answers. In Life is Feudal players are able to claim land to build on, which means you can’t search for materials nor drop your items there. But, there is a handy key for that, by pressing F4 the claimed land gets visible as a white layer. As it’s a survival game you need to take care of your health, hunger and stamina. Hunger is resolved by eating raw food or cooked meals, where a good meal will fill your hunger faster than gathered berries. Stamina on the other hand automaticly refills when you walk slowly or stop for a moment.

The gathering system works a bit different from other games: When clicking on the ground you get the option to either search for materials or edibles. By doing this the available plants and materials will appear around you. Then you only have to click on it to get the item. However, when it comes to harvesting or collecting branches from trees, the option to harvest appears directly. But, dont gather too much as you are not able to run when your inventory is too full.

Life is Fuedal
Harvesting or collecting materials will give you experience points, which unlocks new abilities and items for that particular skill set.

While the building setup might look familiar to other games it’s not as simple as it looks. Before building you will have to clean or flatten the ground to be able to build your desired building. In addition, the crafting of tools happens in a different interface which is accessible via the inventory. But beware, you will have to equip the right tools before you are able to gather certain items. For example, when you want to harvest wheat you will need to wield a sickle while you need a shovel to harvest potatoes or onions. So, make sure to have all tools available.

Life is Feudal
Just as crafting you need certain resources to build constructions and furniture. They certainly give you enough to build a striving town or castle.

Mixed Feelings

While the game is still in early access, you don’t have to be afraid of a lack of updates as every few days a new patch appears in the game which adds new features or fixes bugs. However, the game will still need some tweaks to make it fully enjoyable. Currently the steam reviews are mixed not only because of the bugs in the game but mostly about the grinding, as you not only need to spend a lot of hours into the game to progress. Each action, from equipping items to crafting them, also takes a few seconds to complete.

As Life is Feudal is a Massive Multiplayer Online game, you won’t only encounter PvP but also need other players to progress in the game. As the game is incredible grinding, playing it solo isn’t recommended. However, you can either make or become part of a guild, which operates when there are more than ten players in it. These guilds allow you to claim more land, do mini games together and fight battles. So gather some friends and start the journey to build a new future for you character.


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