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We all love Left 4 Dead, but have you ever thought about what it would be like to experience it in VR? After The Fall apparently wants to offer exactly that experience and now there is even a release date.

What is coming? After the VR co-op zombie shooting After The Fall was announced at E3 2019, there is now a new story trailer and the release date. Players can now look forward to a Left 4 Dead in virtual reality.

This is After The Fall & this is his release

What’s this? After The Fall is being developed by the developers behind the hit VR hit Arizona Sunshine. This time it’s from the hot desert to cold Los Angeles. Everything here is frozen for some reason.

Not only do you and your friends have to find out exactly what happened here in 4-player co-op. In the process, you also shoot a bunch of zombies down.

The VR experience is cross-platform, which means you can also play with your friends via crossplay. The aim of the whole is to make the player feel like he is a slightly overpowering superhero from the 80s.

When is the game coming? After the Fall, after several years of development, it is scheduled to appear in the summer of 2021 for Playstation VR, the PC and other unannounced platforms.

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Keine dritte Person, du sollst schließlich etwas über mich erfahren und ich selbst zu mir! Ich habe meine Reise mit der Arma 2: DayZ Mod begonnen und landete durch meine Faszination zur Zombie-Mod und später Standalone bei


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