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The nomad survival MMO Last Oasis officially receives a release on the XBOX One & Series X/S. The developers also comment on the required cross-play feature.

Community wish fulfilled: The developers of the Donkey Crew are happy that they can finally respond to the greatest wish of their fans. A release on console, because that was actually requested by an incredible number of web users.

In the same breath, the team is also announcing new information about the upcoming Wipe and Season 2 of Last Oasis. Take a look at the trailer!

Last Oasis appears on XBOX – that is known!

Release on current & next-gen: The survival MMO, in which you build gigantic wooden walkers that carry you through the burning deserts from oasis to oasis, will soon be released on console.

But not on all platforms, as you probably could already imagine. So far, Last Oasis will only be released on Xbox One and the new generation Xbox Series X / S. This year, however, the dream won’t come true. Last Oasis will be released on Xbox in the first quarter, from January to March 2021

What about cross-play? After the release on the Microsoft consoles, these platforms can then also play together with the players on the PC. So there will be a cross-play feature.


Season 2 & Wipe of all Last Oasis Servers

Date of the wipe: It was clear from the beginning that a wipe would come one day. It is now known that it won’t only be carried out because of the introduction of the Beta Branch, but because of the XBOX release of Last Oasis.

Next Sunday, November 22nd, 2020, the servers should be reset. Then all players will lose their progress and have to start all over again. This applies to both the official and privately hosted servers.

In addition, the beta branch will not be available as the team wants to focus on shutting down and fragmenting the game files. But it will be reactivated shortly after. We wish you good luck after the wipe!



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