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A new update for the nomad survival game Last Oasis has been released and brings huge walls for clans. In addition, some existing problems are fixed.

The Update: A new update for Last Oasis has been released. For a long time there has not been a new runner, but something solid. To be precise, clans can now build gigantic walls. There are also new items, bug, and balancing fixes. Click here for the last big update!

Last Oasis gets huge walls: that’s what they are intended for

Let’s build a wall: Building a wall was not an option in Last Oasis until now. Actually clear, since the gameplay requires the players to keep moving. A wall is a fortification to keep someone out.

For clans in Last Oasis this is actually possible now. These walls and gates can be packed and transported again at any time. The description of the walls says that they are used to protecting strategic positions and occupied oases. In addition, the wall can only be built if you have an oasis!

To build these walls, you need the new resource “Curved Planks”. One of the new “Wall Packers” is required to dismantle and pack the walls again. These are not runners, but apparently static objects.


Further Changes & Content in The Last Oasis Update


  • Fixed an issue that would cause favorite Walkers to unfavorite after being packed.

User Interface

  • Added a new tab in Trading Stations, displaying Trade History.
  • Removed the ability to create Buy orders for an item which does not yet exist in the game.
  • When a Walker might be packed and is not going to be migrated, a warning should now display in the Favorite Walkers window.
  • Improved warning messages regarding Walkers which are favorited, but in danger.
  • It is no longer possible to unfavorite a Walker from the map lobby UI section. This change is done so that we avoid the possibility of players removing a Walker from favorite by missclicking.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions on Spider and Firefly Walkers.
  • Updated Ammo Chest description to properly explain it’s usability on Walkers and Bases.
  • Fixed Elemental and Celestial Tablets having the same description. Each should have it’s unique description now.
  • Fixed inconsistent Water Bag naming across the game’s UIs.

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Fixed an issue regarding Flots disappearing.
  • Fixed smaller typos in item descriptions.
  • Cleaning up and improving Trade Station stuff.
  • Fixed incorrect Killin respawn time.
  • Fixed being able to build on Killin Nests.

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