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A new update has been released for Last Oasis. That brings an ancient city map, a new walker and a lot more!

Update overview: Last Oasis will continue to be actively supported and further developed by Donkey Crew. In the new update, in addition to the ancient city map, you can also find a walker whose mechanism is completely new.

There was also work on the base building and player interaction. In addition, as is so often the case, there are many small and large bug fixes.

Ancient & New Walker: This is what the Last Oasis Update brings

This is the new Walker: The Hercul is not operated with wind power as is usual. At least not alone, because torque is generated in the rotating ball, which is located at the front of the rotor. That makes the Hercul one of the fastest walkers in Last Oasis.

This is the new map: The idea behind it, is not really new, because there are already event maps. The ancient city is also part of these event cards. On this new map, there are new loot locations, rupu camps, and traders.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no further information. Images for the ancient city map have not yet been published either.

These are the changes to the Base Building: It’s important to mention here that all bases will now crumble over time if not maintained. If you have a base that you want to use properly, you’ll need a maintenance box. It has to be constantly supplied with resources.

Depending on how big your base is and what it’s made of, you will need different amounts and types of resources.


Further features in the Last Oasis update


  • Hercul Walker – Torque added.
  • The maximum limit for Walker crafting levels has been increased to 20.
  • Walker’s craft level cost will be increased


  • Bases have been added that will expire without maintenance (beginning early next week).
  • Maintenance box for bases added.
  • Improved basic combat timer to avoid abuse (walls, floors, etc).

Player character

  • The cooldown for re-spawning in the same location has been increased to 24 hours.
  • The cost of the redeployment has been increased to 500 flots.
  • Added an option to spawn in the off-map lobby.
  • Removed spawning near the place of death.


  • Added Hardened Hellfire Bolt – Burn 3 times faster.
  • Walker damage from all projectiles increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Walker’s lava damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Increased HP of all Hullbreaker screws.
  • The capacity of the torque backpack has been increased to 3000.
  • Slightly improved scattershot.
  • An increased inventory size of high-level chests.
  • Reduced water storage size of the beds.
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