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The hardcore survival game Last Oasis received another content push on December 10th around 2 pm. The already known Iron Maps are now finally available in the live version.

  • New patch went online on December 10th at 2pm
  • Dynamic Walker modules ensure more individuality
  • Iron Maps finally available in the live version

That’s going on: On December 10th at around 2:00 p.m. a new content push for Last Oasis went online. The update mainly brings dynamic modules into play for all walkers, which should be added for more variants in the types. A special highlight should be the iron maps, points on the map that provide you with plenty of iron.

Last Oasis Update Highlights: Dynamic Walker Modules and Iron Maps

These are the Walker modules: The dynamic modules are suitable for all Walkers that are either built to high quality or have been upgraded with floats. You can stack as many modules in a single slot as the module type allows, this consumes Walker levels. Alternatively, you can always issue a level for unlocking another module slot in order to further individualize the Walker build.

More about Last Oasis:

These are the Iron Maps: The extremely valuable iron deposits are not simply distributed on the map, but literally, fall from the sky. Watch out for asteroids, which leave behind plenty of iron after they hit.


Iron is the strongest material in the hardcore survival title and is needed for the best and most stable equipment. But also for reinforced buildings/walkers or other valuable things.

More Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed ghost/invulnerability exploit.
  • Continued optimization of structures and assets in general.
  • Fixed issues with reconnecting inside the Trading Station Arena.
  • Fixed not being able to buy items from the Trading Station if the price to pay was not an integer.
  • More fixes to prevent players from going through walls of bases.
  • Some adjustments to distant horizon visuals to better blend in with the desert on the edges of the oases.
  • Tweaked collisions of some mannable structures.
  • Tweaked collisions of some static structures.
  • Improved Dinghy Walker collisions near the Steering Levers.
  • Fixes to small Walkers going through Ancient Earth Drills(also known as Ancient Windmills) in the Ancient City event map.
  • Fixed spawning issues on Hornet and Balang.
  • Fixed Hercule being upgraded with Buffalo upgrades.
  • Fixed protected inventory (in Cradle) spawning on the ground.
  • Fixed structure and Walker health sometimes reverting on server restart.
  • Fixed UI issues with some clan screen elements.
  • Fixed various outdated or wrong descriptions.
  • Fixed some debug things being visible when effects appear.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes.

Have you already been able to look into the update or do you already know the Iron Maps from the test build? Write us in the comments!

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