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A new gadget has appeared on the current beta branch of the survival title Last Oasis. The “Battle Fan” is a huge fan that you can use to ward off some dangers.

This is the Battle Fan: The huge fan can be placed on the walkers and can be used in many ways. Among other things, to get a boost in speed when blowing out or to blow toxic gases away from the base or the walker. Projectiles or nomads can also be blown away and with the right “ammunition”, for example, lava, the Battle Fan can also be converted into a deadly flamethrower.

The Battle Fan also works the other way around and can suck in gases, store them and blow them out later. In the teaser you can see the Battle Fan in action:

It is not yet known when the content of the beta branch will be played on the live server. The developers use the beta branch to test new content, collect feedback from players and, if necessary, replace or even delete content.



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