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Today the nomad survival MMO Last Oasis is getting a beta branch. On this, you can try out updates before they are getting released on the live servers.

What the Beta Branch offers: Basically, the Last Oasis Beta Branch is comparable to an experimental version of other games such as DayZ or Rust. Here you can try out the new content before the actual publication of an update.

The beta branch is constantly updated. This means that corrections and changes should be carried out at least once a week. The developers of the Donkey Crew warn that playing on the BB can be very buggy.

Test The Next Last Oasis Update ,,Commerce” Now!

Content of the Beta Branch: The Commerce Update, which will appear in around a month, will as the name suggests revolve around the economy in Last Oasis. The following changes and innovations will be included:

Commerce Update Content

  • Added Flots withdraw/deposit at trading stations.
  • Added wandering merchants with unique trade orders (tablets, etc.).
  • Moved permanent trading station orders to wandering merchants (claiming license, etc.).
  • Added Flotilla quests to trading stations.
  • Added Flotilla auctions to trading stations.
  • Added listing tax when placing an order, and sale tax when succeeding in selling an item.
  • Added bidding on reserved slots for any tile.
  • Added clan bank used for bidding on slots.
  • Added global Flots vault to claim acquired money from any trading station.
  • Made trade orders migrate automatically when a map burns.
  • Added Flot drops from lootsites.


  • Added Silur Walker – allows packing solid bases.
  • Made Walkers Robust – damageable by everything except melee.
  • Added Armored and Heavy legs for Buffalo and Hornet.
  • Added Armored legs for Stiletto.
  • Forbid building wings and legs if they’re blocked by hanging structures (gun pods, etc.).
  • Overhauled Walker repair system to encourage repairs out of combat.

Further Changes

  • Added Ancient City event map – new lootsites, new rupu camps, new everything.
  • Added Flot requirement and cooldown for teleporting to other tiles.
  • Added 15-minute penalty forbidding spawn on beds and Walkers after teleport.

How to start the beta: Right click on Last Oasis in your Steam Library. Then select properties and in the following tab “Betas”. There is a drop-down menu from which you then select “Beta Branch” — thats it, have fun!


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