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Game company Jujubee invited selected press representatives to Gamescom 2017 to see a new preview of their latest adventure titled KURSKWe got face (to face) time with PR & Marketing Manager Przemyslaw Szczepaniak, as well as Chief Executive Officer Michal Stepien and Game Producer Damian Kocurek. We had a chat and got a quick look at just how far KURSK has come over the past year.

What Is KURSK?

Kursk is the name of a Russian submarine which sank back in 2000 along with it’s entire crew of 118 men. To this day it is still a mystery to how this tragedy occurred. Many theories have littered the internet, with some say it was a faulty torpedo, some think maybe the Americans had a hand it, while others believe that it was the Russians themselves.

As a nameless character, players will follow the story of KURSK, starting in Moscow, with some freedom to explore. You will then find your way down to the Kursk military harbour before boarding the sub to discover what inner life is like underwater. Any actions that you make may affect the outcome of the game.


An Interactive Game World & Multiple Endings

The world of KURSK offers so many possibilities for interaction. You might want to turn the TV on in your hotel room or read a newspaper lying around or even collect other items. This encourages the players to satisfy their exploratory urges and to learn about the history of Kursk and maybe even pick up some collectables along the way. You can find things to interact with pretty much anywhere in the world.

Even though the tragic fate of Kursk is already sealed, there are different ways in which it will meet its demise, each of which is unique. Maybe it’s possible for someone to survive this disaster? Unfortunately the team at Jujubee asked us to keep our lips sealed and let you find out for yourselves. Trying different answers and responses to interactions with NPCs will change the way the game plays and ends. This gives KURSK a fairly high replay value as I’m sure going back and doing things differently is all anyone wants. The developers set a minimum playing time of 10 hours, compared to last years target of 15.

Przemyslaw Szczepaniak, Michal Stepien and Damian Kocurek were available to answer questions.

Unity Engine at Its Finest

Since last years preview, the developers at Jujubee have been very busy bees indeed. The game world’s gloomy appearance definitely reflects the sad story which unfolds throughout the play-through experience. The Russian roads and cities could be compared to those of DayZ even though the graphics are far more superior in KURSK. We were quite surprised by the fact that they both use the Unity Engine.

From what we have seen so far, the hotel scene is the real eye catcher with some pretty impressive visual graphics. With the city of Moscow visible through the hotel window, it’s just breath taking. All of the scenes in the game show us what the Unity Engine is truly capable of. With the developers still working hard to finish the game, the completed product will definitely be one to look out for.

KURSK is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The KURSK world
Interactive objects can be found everywhere.


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