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In our interview with PR & Marketing Manager Krzysztof Wojdyla and Game Producer Damian Kocurek from Jujubee at Gamescom, we’ve collected some new information about KURSK for you. In the following, we will discuss the development of KURSK and the importancy of historical accuracy.

What is there to see?

During our interview, we were shown a current dev version of the game. In this, the character has been guided by some small sections of various acts through the game areas. In the process, our interviewees alternately told us what to see. They also talked about different backgrounds and gameplay decisions. In addition to a – despite Unity Engine – stunning graphics and harmonious sound, the game has a high degree of detail overall. Which stays this way during the entire game.

Historical accuracy> Good playability?

The historical details and the correct representation of the game world is one of the most important parts for the developers. So, there are only things to see that actually existed at the time of the disaster in 2000. A PDA will give you all the information and tasks during the game. However, as it’s a game few mechanics are excluded from this statement to provide a better playability. 

So, on the PDA you will need to crack locks by playing a mini-game. There are some more playable mini-games, but most likely not all will be mandatory and should only contribute to the fun. In addition, some small modifications were made to the exact size of the nuclear submarine K141-Kursk. In the game, the interiors are usually between 10 a 20% larger, to let the player move more freely.

The journalists of the German team doing an interview with one of the developers of Kursk!

Closer to the player thanks to VR?

As Virtual Reality is growing the two developers also commented on it. The VR versions of KURSK is currently in the making and will be added as a DLC after the release. However, when pre-ordering the Collectors Edition, the VR version is already included. The VR version won’t be too different from the normal game, but the players should get the opportunity to dive deeper into the historic survival adventure, by using the VR headset. As this support also allows feelings such as anxiety to be heavily increased.



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