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After a long silence, there is a new update for the upcoming Survival-Adventure KURSK in a developer update. Recently we were able to convince ourselves of the demo at gamescom and talk to the developers.

Release period and other game infos

Unfortunately, the Jujubee Games team has not defined an exact releasedate yet, but they has defined the period to the second half of 2017. Also new information and screenshots were released by the team, in order to inspire the players further for their title.

One of the places on the screenshots shows a luxury hotel in Moscow, where the player begins his journey. The interior decor reflects the value of the hotel and the view from the windows is breathtaking. In KURSK, the player is also able to interact with objects. For example with the military computer or with the remote control to operate the TV.

Michał Stępień – CEO of Jujubee Games says:

With this development update, we decided to show a small glimpse of how a few of the crucial locations in the game will look like. Even though this content is still in “work in progress” state, you can already see where we’re heading. The luxury hotel room in Moscow will be a starting location for our mission. We used many references to show the high splendor of the interior, with a lot of golden add ons, elegant cushion, pillars and of course amazing view from the window. What I’d like to add is that many objects in the game will be interactive. For instance the laptop or the TV set can be turned on and used.

The remaining screenshots show the inner life of the K-141 KURSK, a Russian nuclear submarine and name-giver of the game. The player sets off from the port of Vidyayevo aboard the submarine and passes through the catastrophe that took place in 2000.

Also the character models have improved since the demoversion in August and shine with higher details.

The hotel in Moscow and the character models are still “work in progress”. We are working on polishing the locations and characters to bring the best possible quality. There are many more surprises awaiting for you in KURSK, so stay tuned for more as the development continues!” – Michał Stępień.

What is KURSK?

KURSK will be the first real documentary game in the history of video games. It tells of the events behind the tragedy of the Russian nuclear submarine that has sunk on August 12, 2000 in an inexplicable way. At that time, the entire crew of 118 men were killed.

The developers build the game on true facts and hope that the players learn something from the experience. Michał Stępień states that the game will be for mature audiences and he wants to prove that a game can tell a powerful story, similar like books and films.


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