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Kingdom Come Deliverance has seen a lot of mods & improvements, but a replica for the PlayStation 1 is something completely new.

This is how it is: The very first PlayStation had many classics, but Kingdom Come Deliverance does not belong in this portfolio. “That can be changed”, thought a YouTuber now and rebuilt the medieval role-playing game so that it runs on a PlayStation 1 – at least it seems so.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: This is what it looks like on PlayStation 1

Here’s how it looks: In a video uploaded by YouTuber Cloudless Studio, you can discover what Kingdom Come Deliverance would look like on the first PlayStation console.

In a short clip, Heinrich walks through a landscape with few polygons, which is clearly reminiscent of late medieval Bohemia. Textures and NPCs look pixelated, but still three-dimensional. The exciting thing is that even the sound has been demaked to sound more like it comes from the old days.

This is how it’s done: Of course, the Kingdom Come version for PlayStation 1 is not a real game, but a clever animation. The Creator creates these with the free Blender tool.

In another video he also shows how exactly he created and exported the entire level. So, with a little effort, you too can create your own PlayStation 1 versions of games.


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