Kaet Must Die


Strenght in Numbers Studios can add another indie game to their list. As their new game: Kaet Must Die! is now available on Steam. This First-Person horror puzzle game challenges you to solve the difficult puzzles and find your way out in time.

Test your Sanity

In Kaet Must Die! You play as Kaetheran who has powerful psionic abilities. Yet, in the beginning, you wake up in a dark sewer, without your abilities. To regain your powers you will need to avoid tricks and traps while you are rushing to your freedom. Of course, traps aren’t the only obstacle as:

Each level is filled with heart-pounding excitement as you race to discover the way out before the lights go out, your sanity is gone, and Annalinnia, the Blood Witch, comes for you!

However, the game isn’t just a puzzle game. As dark environments, scary music with screams from the distance, hostile enemies and jumpscares will make you feel tense. You didn’t really think you could just solve the puzzles peacefully right? As the title already says: Kaet Must Die!

To fully escape the horror you will need to search for clues to unlock the next level. In total there are 10 levels which are difficult and punishing. Because of this, the developers promise at least thirty hours of gameplay.

The game has a price tag of 15 euro and is available on Steam. Later on, the game will come to the Nintendo Switch as well.


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