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Early access colony management and demon apocalypse game Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation has released it’s twelfth update. Update 12 – The Explorers, gives players a large variety of changes, including the addition of biomes across the map, a re-balancing of the game, new music, and improved base visuals. We’ve read over the list to bring you the highlights.

The Explorers

The #1 voted feature has been added to the game. Judgment’s map has expanded and changed quite a bit. Players can now create a taskforce to explore the world, wherein they will encounter several biomes with their own locations and loot. For example, city biomes will hold research materials and kits, necessary for advanced crafting, while lava biomes will contain obsidian for crafting some of the most powerful equipment in the game. For ease of use, the taskforces are persistent. Once assigned to a group, individuals will go about their daily chores until a taskforce is sent out on a mission.


Due to player frustrations, Judgment developer Suncrash has rebalanced the entire game. All of the stats have been redefined again from scratch. From how long to gather and craft resources and equipment to researching technologies.

Enemies, weapons, and resources have been divided into tiers, with the higher tiers being more dramatically powerful than lower tiers, meaning that more powerful weaponry is necessary to fight more powerful demons. Armours have been revamped and are now a requirement for survival. Damage reduction, evasion, and health are determined by armour, which are in turn affected by skills.

The enemy A.I has been dumbed down a bit to improve performance and to limit the frustration of them always focusing the weakest survivors. By and large, the pacing of the game has been reduced, with travel taking longer, and demon hordes spending more time to band together and attack your base.

Random Encounters

Previously in Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, it was feasible to send a single character on journeys across the map. However, this is no longer possible with the addition of random encounters. While on an expedition, teams can now encounter demons while walking between locations. Currently, the addition only contains hostile demons, but as game development continues, Suncrash intends to add a variety of encounters, including meeting other survivors, quests, and more.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation - Encounters
Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation – You seem to have encountered some demons on your jaunt. Oh, joy!

Extra Stuff!

Food and colony management in Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation has been updated, with simplification of how food bonuses are achieved. The colony management window now shows global bonuses instead of individual colonist bonuses.

Visuals have been spruced up to be more vibrant and colourful, moving away from the previous gloomy, but boring look. The audio has been changed with new music befitting of a survival game, different music for night time, and clips of songs after certain events.

New things added to the game include new resources found only in each biome and new equipment to utilise them. A new fire demon with a ranged attack. New barrel walls for your base, and finally, there are new types of armour to take advantage of!

Previous Saves and Mods Not Compatible

Because of the major re-balancing and new additions to the game, Suncrash has decided to not support mods or saves from previous incarnations of the game. It will be necessary to start a new game in order to properly experience the new content. Mods will likely need to be updated and tweaked to work well with The Explorers update.

For the whole list of changes to Judgment take a look at the announcement on the Steam Community page. Also, in celebration of the release of Update 12 – The Explorers, Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is on sale for 10% off on Steam until June 7, 2017.

These new changes and additions to Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation seem quite exciting and we can’t wait to jump in and play around with them. Check back here at Survivethis for more news as the game development progresses.

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SOURCEJudgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation via Steam
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