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Telepaths’ Tree and IMGN.Pro are proud to announce the PC release date for Inner Chains’. PC owners everywhere will be able to get their hands on a copy through Steam, starting April 20, 2017. There is also a new cinematic trailer to accompany the news, ready to pump you up.

PC Release Date & New Cinematic Trailer

The PC version of Inner Chains will be available for purchase through Steam for $19.99. The Xbox One and PS4 consoles have yet to receive any set release dates, but are expected to in the near future.

As we discussed in a previous article, Inner Chains is an upcoming FPS horror. Grotesque inhabitants with strangely marked bodies occupy a foreign planet full of vengeful bio-mechanical life. Within this lethal environment lies hidden secrets and mysteries waiting to uncovered. Will finding the answers help you and the others escape the decaying alien planet? How will your life be affected by this gruelling journey?

The creative minds behind this project have displayed in the above cinematic trailer their surreal artistry, masked with dread and a complex atmosphere. The trailer was produced by the gifted team at production studio ORKA. This is their first attempt at using these kinds of cinematic graphics in a project. The team at ORKA are the ones to be credited for the concept, game script, post-production and not to mention the revolutionary animation style. The animation process that the developers went through to give life to this unique and engaging trailer lasted two and a half months.

CEO Magda Zimecka stated, “From the very beginning of taking on this challenge, we knew this project would be worth 100% of our commitment. This opens a new chapter in ORKA’s history.”

Krzysztof Azarewicz, co-writer of Inner Chains, took part in helping the project along with Tomasz “Orio” Wróblewski, narrator for the trailer and the vocalist/bassist of the cult death metal band Behemoth.

We look forward to the release of this hellish horror title.


SOURCEInner Chains Via Steam
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