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The highly anticipated, first-person horror title, Inner Chains, has been postponed! Announced for release on the 20th April 2017, the developers have decided to push it back a month. It seemed as though the game was finished and finalised, so why the wait?

April to May

The Inner Chains team, Telepaths’ Tree, have postponed the release till the 18th of May. After the mostly positive response given to the game from the lucky players who gave it a go at PAX East, the developers made the decision to hold on a little longer for some final touch ups and improvements. So one month to go before you can dive head first into “Hell”.

Behind the Scenes

As a thank you for all the PAX East participants and the brilliant feedback received for their Inner Chains cinematic trailer, Telepaths’ Tree decided to release a making-of-video. Those of you interested in the technical details behind video making should give it a look.

Inner Chains being postponed shouldn’t be seen as negative. If anything, it shows that the developers care about your feedback and want to give you the best experience possible. Do remember to thank them for an outstanding game when you do finally jump into the dark world of Inner Chains.



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