Inner Chains is a brand new FPS horror game by developers Telepaths’ Tree. Although the brainchild behind the title, Telepaths’ Tree will not be alone in their endeavor and have managed to gain publishing support from IMGN.PRO. A new gameplay trailer for the title recently surfaced, giving us an improved look at some gruesome combat.

What Is Inner Chains?

Inner Chains is set in an unknown, surreal and ghastly bio-mechanical world. The Earth we once knew is no longer recognizable and there are no limits to its hostility. You hold little to no significance within’ Inner Chains. Your only hope for survival, it seems, is to uncover its mysteries.

Environment of Inner Chains
In this danger filled world, fear everything.

High-born entities of anarchy have filled your head with their teachings. They have one goal, to travel to a mythical place called “Last Hope”. You want nothing more than to escape from such a deteriorating and sickened planet.

Quickly you’ll learn your place in the pecking order as you traverse dangerous forests and overgrown civilizations full of killer flora and fauna. Endure endless battles merely for survival. Learn to turn your weaknesses into strengths and discover the secrets of this world. Whether or not you’ll live to see the end highly depends on your adaptability, quick reflexes and alertness.

Improved Graphics and Sounds

In this new gameplay trailer, we were shown several changes that have been made to the combat system. Telepaths’ Tree has shown off their new graphics, sound effects, animations and a variety of bad-ass weaponry. NPCs now visibly vary in look and stature and their movement patterns seem more diverse and challenging.

Graveyard of death and agony.
A world ruled by chaos.

The Inner Chains’ universe holds many secrets. From grotesque experiment-like symbols marked on bodies, to the mysteries of the environment that surrounds you. Can you uncover the true path and reach your end goal?

Inner Chains is planned to be released during the second quarter of 2017 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To show your support for Inner Chains, vote for it on the Steam Greenlight.


SOURCEInner Chains Official
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