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Fans of the forsaken Silent Hill series can find hope in this trailer for UndeadScout’s Husk. Recently released on Steam, the title calls itself, “a purebred FPP horror inspired by the most classical representatives of the genre.”

Husk – A New Generation of Horror

The cinematic includes panning shots of Shivercliff, a town vying to fill Silent Hill’s fog-infested shoes. Like its predecessor, the setting is defined by night, rural Americana, and a conspicuously missing population. As Mathew Palmer, the game’s protagonist, you’re to explore lifeless forests, ruined hospitals and abandoned prisons in order to piece together why you’re there and, more importantly, how to get out.


Any game that attributes its birth to the king of introspective-horror games is going to be filled with disturbing imagery, and Husk has it in spades. Players are teased with cryptic messages scrawled on walls. All the while, the threat of wandering abominations only raises more questions. Where did the monsters come from? Where did everyone go? Are your wife and kids okay? Actually, we have a question of our own:

Can you survive the horror of Husk?


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