Hunt:Showdown Patch


While the horror-survival game Hunt: Showdown is still in early access some players experienced stuttering and frame drops. Crytek worked on fixing the problem by adding the first performance patch a week ago to the game.

Hunting problems

The new patch should fix most of the performances issues players experienced during the game. As a lot of players had frame drops the developers focussed on stabilizing them. In their own words, they rather have a stable 30 fps than an unstable 120. The CPU  and RAM usage got heavily address as well which will cause a better performance for both low-end and high-end computers.

In the developer update below the developers answered questions relating to why there were problems with the performance. Firstly, they were really honest by answering that during the developer’s progress they ended with too little time to actually tweak the performance. Secondly, each level of Hunt: Showdown is full of details which all need to render. Besides the performance update, they also made the servers more reliable.

For the bugs, they fixed a lot of stall issues, which are micro stuttering, spikes and frame drops. For example, they fixed the stall while using the lantern for the first time as well as the stalls that got caused by the rendering of shaders. The rendering of certain objects got improved as well, so vegetation and such should render correctly at the beginning of the match.

While this patch should fix most of the problems the developers will keep addressing this topic. However, if players still encounter issues during the game they can help them by reporting it.



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