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The latest patch of Hunt: Showdown fixed some of the performance issues players where having. Yet, cheaters are still occurring in the game. In this article, we will talk about Crytec’s plans to address the cheating system.

You can’t hide from me

So far a lot of accounts have been banned for using cheats in the game. Crytec was able to address this because of feedback from the players and with the help of their anti-cheat program Easy Anti-Cheat.

”When a report is received, we forward it to EAC for further investigation, and if it is legit, you can be sure that anyone using it will be caught pretty soon after the fact.”

However, the battle isn’t won yet so make sure to report cheaters to the Customer Support from Hunt: Showdown. This way they can investigate and punish the cheaters as fast as possible.

No cheats… just bugs

Yet, not all suspicious behavior is linked to cheating as some occur because of bugs. Here below you will find a list of the most common bugs that are causing problems:

  • Missing walls or not loading textures: At certain moments walls and other objects will not render completely which means that everyone hiding behind it, is actually visible. While a lot of players thought this was a wallhack it’s actually just a bug.
  • Weapon bugs: There is a bug where players won’t hear the weapon shots causing them to suddenly die. However, not all silent guns shots are part of a bug as silent pistols are an option in the game. Another weapon bug is the missing weapon one, here some players won’t have a weapon in their hand but you still get shot with it. This is a visual bug related to the weapon animation, somehow the weapon gets stuck on the map. Yet for the player himself, everything appears normal.
  • Teleporting players: Some players will suddenly appear near a location, this is caused by lag spikes and has nothing to do with actual teleporting. The same connectivity bug appears for shots not registering as usual.



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