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The new Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 patch notes show that there are new weapons and experience points as loot as well as changes to the map. As always, there are countless fixes!

The update 1.4.8 Overview: This morning it was finally time and Hunt Showdown Update 1.4.8 was released. This changes the game world by integrating new watchtowers everywhere. There are also many new ways to collect loot. Until today, the Update was only playable on the test servers. Now that has changed, and everyone can download it.

In addition to new Winfield versions, you can also examine some adjustments to the gunplay and tell us your opinion on the Hunt Showdown 1.4.8 patch notes!

These are the Hunt Update 1.4.8 Patch Notes

New loot mechanics: As mentioned briefly at the beginning, there are new loot options. These include XP and money bags that you can find all over the Lawton Delta and Bayou maps.

  • Envelopes that can contain one of the following:
    • 1000 Hunter XP.
    • 500 Bloodline XP.
    • 3-6 Upgrade points.
  • Small bags:
    • <25 Hunt dollars.
    • <3 Blood Bonds.
  • Trait charms:
    • These items will instantly unlock a random trait for your Hunter.
  • Blueprints:
    • These items will unlock the next available item unlock available for the currently equipped item (e.g holding a weak vitality shot while collecting the blueprint will unlock weak stamina shot.)
  • Meatheads:
    • Trait charms have a chance to drop from killing Meatheads.

Watchtowers in the world: Another new piece in Hunt Showdown Update 1.4.8 is the introduction of the new watchtowers. These are not the small observation towers that already exist in the game, but rather large monuments.

Picture by Moon Hunter via Reddit

As the player, you can find ammunition and healing packages here. However, these are not as crammed as a regular refill station. Also, keep an eye out for the top of the tower, there should always be something valuable here. The locations of the towers are as follows:

  • Lawson Delta: Watch tower added on top of the Bunker between Sweetbell Flower and Fort Carmick.
  • Bayou: Watch tower added in the swamp between Pitching Crematorium and Lockbay Docks. Another one was added to the hill slope north of Healing Waters.

New weapons & skins in Hunt Showdown 1.4.8

These weapons are new: What would a real Hunt Showdown update be if there weren’t any new guns or, as I — an intellectual — would say: BOOMSTICKS!

According to the Hunt Showdown Update 1.4.8 patch notes, there are two of them:

Winfield M1873 Musket-Bayonet

  • An elongated variant of the Winfield M1873 with a Bayonet and a slightly larger magazine
  • Holds an extra +2 rounds in the elongated tube magazine
  • Levering shoots at a slightly reduced rate of fire than other Winfield M1873 rifles

Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine Deadeye

  • An Officer Carbine variant with a Deadeye scope.
  • Reduced shoulder aim accuracy due to the mounted scope.
  • Recoil is harder to control in ADS due to increased zoom.

New Legendary Skins: Skins should not be missing in this update either. Therefore, there are also three new ones, one of which is one of the ugliest weapons in the entire game:

Winfield Vagrant


Nagant Officer Brawler – Death Letter


Sparks LRR – DeSalles Silence


These were the most important innovations of the Hunt Showdown Update 1.4.8 patch notes. You can find out everything else here!

Bug Fixes & Changes in Hunt 1.4.8


  • Fixed an issue with the pathfinding for some AI that could become stuck on corners (Meathead, Butcher, Grunts).
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in caged dogs not taking damage from a burning player.
  • Fixed an issue that meant players could receive damage from caged dogs while standing directly beside the cage.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in crows and ducks reacting incorrectly to the sounds of the Silenced Spark LRR as if it were the regular Sparks LRR.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where deployable items such as the Bear Trap could be placed on concertina wire.
  • Static (unlit) lanterns will now make a sound when shattered.
  • Choke bombs will now extinguish Alert trip mine flares.
  • Fixed an issue where lanterns in boxes were difficult to interact with.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Decoy fuses not being resupplied while having the Decoy resupply trait.
  • Fixed an issue where explosions would not influence farm bells (ding!)
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the exhausted state melee damage for the Mosin Nagant Obrex variants.
  • Fixed a crash that could potentially occur when shutting down the game.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in being attacked by an immolator during the “waiting for players” stage when spawning in South-East Lawson Delta. (they just wanted a hug!)
  • Fixed a rendering issue where certain geometry would flicker in an out at specific points in Healing Waters Church.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on some bunkbeds in Wolfshead Arsenal (no sleeping on the hunt!)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to become stuck at a hut by the river near Arden Parish.
  • Fixed a spot in Catfish where hunters could become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where a hunter could vault through a roof in Sweetbell Flour.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would pop in too close to a Hunter in Fort Carmick.
  • Fixed a number of issues that resulted in not being able to pick up hammers and axes.



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