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The new Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is out for Xbox & PS4. You can find all content & patch notes here!

Now on the consoles: The Hunt Showdown Update 1.4.8 has now also appeared on Xbox One & PlayStation 4 one day after it was released on PC. From now on, the console hunters can get started with the new content!

That’s in the Hunt update on PlayStation & Xbox

Update overview: The time has finally come and Hunt Showdown Update 1.4.8 has also been released on the PS4 and Xbox. This changes the game world by incorporating new watchtowers everywhere. There are also many new ways to collect loot. Until today (December 14th, 2020) the update was on the test servers, now it is playable for everyone! You can also find the developer live stream for the update here.

Since the Content is the same for all platforms, you can find the patch notes of the Hunt Update 1.4.8 here!

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