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A new update for Hunt: Showdown is out today. We’ll show you what’s in Update 1.4.4! This includes some skins & big gameplay changes.

Content Overview: In the Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.4, which is due to appear today, October 28, 2020 during the day, there are massive gameplay changes & cosmetic innovations.

The arsenal is joined by a new gun and of course bug fixes and adjustments to the game concept must not be missing!

New Winfield & Legendary Skins In Patch 1.4.4

This new weapon is available: With the Winfield M1873C Vandal Striker you get a shorter version of the Winfield M1873C. This new version also has a saw blade mounted on the barrel so that it can also be used in close combat.

You can perform both light and heavy melee attacks with the Vandal Striker. Of course, you will lose some of your breath in the process.


The new skins: In a neat Hunt: Showdown update, no cosmetic content that can be sold in the real money shop should be missing! This is also the case in patch 1.4.4, which introduces four new weapon skins. Each of them has their own little backstory:

  • Martini Henry Marksman “Oberon’s Hound”: Named for a most fearsome and relentless hunter of the wood, in a bygone time this rifle won its renown taking down the prey etched on its receiver: egret, doe, buck, and bear. Now, this Martini-Henry IC1 Marksman sights itself on bigger, deadlier prizes.


  • Martini Henry Deadeye “Sacrosanct”: Sanctified in something beyond mortal understanding; the work of this Martini-Henry Deadeye is hallowed. Unfortunates who find themselves sighted in the purview of the Sacrosanct will face their sins, all too soon.


  • Springfield Marksman “Archangel: In Christian scripture, archangels led the celestial host against the forces of darkness. In the bayou, this Springfield 1866 Marksman is used to the same purpose: to drive the creeping forces of darkness out of the bayou and return the region to the divine light.


  • Nagant M1895 Precision “Polar Star”: Fyodor Brusilov was gifted this Nagant M1895 Precision to commemorate his first voyage as captain of The Polar Star. The ship never reached its final port of call, and all hands were declared lost at sea – until this pistol turned up in the bayou.


These Innovations Are in Terms of Gameplay

That was changed: There are many unfinished features in Hunt: Showdown and apparently the German developer Crytek is aware of this. There are the following changes in update 1.4.4:


  • Refactored controls to allow more fluid transitions between equipment actions and sprinting.
  • Players are now able to sprint as soon as the aim input is lifted, even if a weapon is technically still in the firing process and applying recoil.
  • Previously the delay before players could sprint after firing a shot could only be circumvented by quickly switching equipment. This is no longer needed.
  • Applies to Hunter and Gunslinger controls schemes and all combinations of Aim Down Sights or Sprint set to toggle or hold.


  • It is no longer possible to interrupt the firing process right after a shot, while it is still applying recoil.
  • Switching to other equipment is queued and executed right afterward.
  • Entering Dark Sight now follows the same rules as switching equipment in order to prevent recoil cancelling.


  • Pistols that enter the Aim Down Sight state after a weapon switch have slightly increased sway, fading out over a short period of time.
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