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The Hunt Showdown Twitter channel has posted a mysterious video titled “Coming Soon”. Now the fans are speculating about what’s behind it.

Fans are waiting: The Hunt Showdown’s official Twitter account had just published a post a few minutes earlier that said “Coming Soon”. The fans of the game are busy wondering what might be hidden behind it. They have long been waiting for new bosses and, above all, a new map.

What is Crytek announcing for Hunt Showdown?

This is shown by the video: The video that was uploaded as part of the mysterious Twitter announcement is just five seconds long. In addition, only thing you can see is the character Carter walking along a track. Apparently, that is enough to spark the imagination of the players.

What the community thinks: In the comments below the tweet there are countless speculations about the meaning of the announcement. This ranges from harmless changes to absurd theories.

The users suspect in the announcement for Hunt Showdown:

  • Changes to the art design
  • new weather
  • more DLC
  • new hunters
  • further evidence of a new boss
  • first material for the new map
  • Hunt: Showdown 2

It should be clear to every player that a full-fledged new game is very unlikely at this point in time. But we also consider many of the more harmless changes to be rather unlikely.

A first glimpse of the new map sounds plausible, as it has been announced for the second quarter of 2021. But a new boss should also come. We have an announcement for you here.

Complaints instead of joy: It is not surprising that there are also hate comments under an announcement about a new feature. Still, we’d like to at least use our reach to explain that this is the wrong place to vent your anger. Developers usually already know very well about the problems with their game. A “Fu** you, fix this or that problem” doesn’t help anyone.


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