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Hunt: Showdown is soon to get a Halloween event that is just the first of many upcoming in-game events! Everything we know & speculate, you will find out now!

Only the first event: As the trailer for the “All Hallow’s Eve” halloween event tells you, this will only be the first of many more events that Crytek is already planning.

Of course, it couldn’t be more appropriate to start this chain of events with Halloween. After all, in Hunt: Showdown you don’t hunt Santa Clauses, but monsters! Whereby the Christmas version of the Hunt Showdown theme is actually really catchy!

This is what awaits you at the All Hallow’s Eve Halloween event

Confirmed information: What is really known is only what you can already discover in the trailer. Many players and fans miss a lot here! Especially after the supposed credits were rolling other the screen.

Not only can you see that the butcher boss is wearing a pumpkin instead of the pork, his boss lair is also decorated in a typical Halloween style. Also, the two available maps — a third one is coming soon — seem to be completely decorated in a Halloween theme.

So much for the obvious things in the trailer. However, what many have probably not noticed is the new syringe. You can see the character squirting a substance in the trailer. But this is not known.

Hunt: Showdown has a yellow, green, and red syringe. One whose liquid content is simply colorless does not exist. Nevertheless, the trailer for the Halloween event shows exactly that.

Presumably it is part of the event. Players probably transform themselves into something Halloween-esque with it or acquire a special halloween ability.

Start of the event: When exactly the All Hallow’s Eve Halloween event of Hunt: Showdown starts is still unclear. But if you’ve only got the taste for it now, you can still buy it on Steam until October 28th!

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