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Hunt Showdown is getting a new DLC that brings two Asian hunters as well as some weapon skins. Fans are negative on Twitter, but why is it?

New Hunt Skin DLC: A new DLC for the horror shooter Hunt Showdown was announced yesterday. Unsurprisingly, this brings back skins and legendary hunters. The community doesn’t seem to like it or want to. We will now explain why.

It’s in the “Spirit of Nian” DLC – Why is it unwanted?

Contents of the DLC: As already mentioned, the new DLC from Hunt Showdown, which goes by the name “Spirit of Nian”, includes new legendary hunters and various new skins for equipment and weapons. These are all based on Asian culture.

  • Legendary hunters: Nordstern & Souverän are the two new hunters, one male (Sovereign) and one female (Nordstern).
  • New Weapon Skins: Gift of the Sniper (Legendary Nagant Officer Carbine)
  • Equipment: Song of the Dragon (Legendary Free Fire Bait) and Firearm (Legendary Beacon)

This is what the community thinks: Voices were quickly heard on Twitter that were not particularly happy about the paid in-game replenishment. Many accuse the developers of Crytek of not focusing on further developing the game. Instead, they are just crazy for profit and are not interested in the community.

It should be said that two completely different teams are responsible for the construction sites on Hunt Showdown. One team takes on the main development and designs new maps, mechanics and weapons. The other team is responsible for creating skins and minor adjustments.

In plain language this means: Just because there is a new Cosmetics DLC – like Spirit of Nian now – doesn’t mean that development on the third map, annoying bugs, and slips or the custom ammo types will come to a standstill comes.

You can find out more about the new types of ammunition here from tomorrow!

Source: Hunt Showdown Twitter

SOURCEHunt Showdown Official
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