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As part of the Hunt: Showdown developer livestream earlier this week, lead designer Dennis Schwarz will answer some questions from the community.

The last update 1.4.8 is already online on the test servers and the developers, more precisely Lead Designer Dennis Schwarz, answered questions from the community in a Twitch QA on December 8th. We want to summarize these questions and answers for you here.

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The FAQ from the Hunt: Showdown Stream

What’s going on in terms of character customization?

We still have character customization on our feature list. It won’t be included in Patch 1.5, as the focus here is on the new Boss and Custom Ammo. In addition, there will certainly be updates to the roadmap again, which reflect more detailed information about the user-defined character.

When is the next gen update for Hunt: Showdown coming?

It is currently being investigated what the implementation details look like on the technical side. The will on the part of Crytek is definitely there. However, it is still too early to say when to expect it.

Can the revised Ghoul Trait then also be used on other monsters?

No, the Ghoul Trait should still only work with Grunts. So that they fulfill a certain functionality in the game.

Will the effective range of compact ammunition be reduced?

No. The developers emphasize their goal to create the best possible balance in Hunt: Showdown. The changes made this year are said to have resulted in a significant improvement, although there are still problems in isolated areas. Crytek has no plans to roll back these changes.

Will Hunt: Showdown have a custom lobby and reconnect feature?

Yes, there are plans for that. Both features are complex to implement and will therefore take some time. To date, there is no information on when this can be expected, as other priorities are currently set. Crytek definitely wants to add custom lobbies and a reconnect feature.

Will there be Linux support for Hunt: Showdown?

No. This is not possible due to the technology used.

When can equipment be customized?

Custom presets are planned. Crytek definitely wants the feature, but it is not yet clear when it will be implemented.

Are antidote syringes discounted after their nerf?

No, the price will stay the same. The Nerf should only take care of players who played very aggressively and could simply ignore hives and poison clouds. The current costs are “more than justified” according to Crytek.

Can you stack more than 15 traits with one trait charm?

When the glass is full, the glass is full. If you already have 15 traits active, you cannot activate any more. First come up with 15 traits and then keep your hunter alive.

Poisoned Crossbow: Given the Antidote Nerf, what will happen to it?

Is an issue that will be a tough decision that is still in the works. We are thinking about adding an AoE (cloud) effect to the poison, instead of only applying the poison on hit.

Those were the most important questions in the last FAQ from the Hunt: Showdown developers regarding patch 1.4.8. What is your opinion on this, are you satisfied with the changes or the planned things? Let us know in the comments.


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