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The Hunt: Showdown fans have to be strong again. The year 2020 is still not over with its atrocities! The much-anticipated content of Update 1.5 has to be postponed to 2021. The developers made amends with teaser pictures that give us an insight into their plans for the next year.

This is the current situation: Crytek’s co-op shooter has already impressed with numerous new content patches in the past. Update 1.5 should continue this approach – but has to be divided by the current situation.

More news about Hunt: Showdown

Two features planned for version 1.5 – the new boss and the custom ammo – will not make it into the game in 2020.

Reduced update 1.4.8 will be released in December

This is planned: Instead of moving the complete Hunt: Showdown update to next year, Crytek decided to release the remaining features as update 1.4.8 by the end of this year. This includes:

  • New Loot type, hidden on the map
  • New weapon variants
  • Watchtowers
  • Legendaries
  • Gameplay improvements

Promisingly announced for 1.4.8 were also “some surprises”. The developers do not yet reveal what the surprise or even the new lot type on the map is about. But they announce to reveal more information in an upcoming Livestream.

Teaser for 2021: That’s coming next year

In their news article Crytek blessed us with a handful of pictures that were intended as teasers for some projects in 2021:

Auf diesem Bild finden sich einige Hinweise zur neuen Hunt: Showdown Map.
On this picture you can find some hints for the new Hunt: Showdown Map.
Dieses Bild könnte auf einen neuen Boss hindeuten.
This picture could indicate a new boss.
Das nächste Jahr soll natürlich auch neue Waffen in Hunt: Showdown mit sich bringen.
Next year will of course bring new weapons in Hunt: Showdown.

Das nächste Jahr soll natürlich auch neue Waffen in Hunt: Showdown mit sich bringen.

Among the leaked images are new weapons, clues to the planned new map, and a boss hiding place that, according to Gamerant, could indicate a crow-like appearance. Besides the content part of the news, Crytek pointed out an upcoming update of the Hunt: Showdown Roadmap – we will keep our eyes open for that!

What do you think about the plans of the developers? Write it down in the comments.

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