Hunt: Showdown: Details about teasers in the developer stream

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In yesterday’s developer livestream on Twitch, Dennis Schwarz, Lead Designer of Hunt: Showdown, provided further details on the last teasers released for 2021.

This is what happened: Crytek had to split the 1.5 update into two parts due to corona. The first part was already installed yesterday as version 1.4.8 on the test servers.  Two features – a new Boss and Custom Ammo Types were moved to 2021. As compensation, Crytek published teaser graphics for new content, which will also appear in patch 1.5.

Information about new boss and weapons

Cautious but interesting, Dennis Schwarz commented on the pictures shown earlier this week.

This is confirmed: The new boss will be something “bird-like”, carrying an axe as a weapon. You can see the boss on the left side of this picture:

Both new weapons are equipped with a lever-action trigger. The first gun is a Winfield 1876, which according to Dennis Schwarz will have a “medium” caliber. Crytek will not disclose more details, such as capacity, until next year.

The Lead Designer promises: Care is taken not to overpower the lever-action trigger. No insurmountable advantages are to be gained with these weapons.

The second weapon announced for 2021 is a Winfield 1887 Shotgun. In the stream, Crytek points out the clunky lever-action trigger. It would be possible to shoot faster with it than with a Pump Action Shotgun. Hunt: Showdown fans should, however, be cautious about criticizing balancing until more information about the guns is published, according to Dennis Schwarz.

Winfield 1876 with lever action trigger
Winfield 1876 with lever action trigger
Winfield 1887 Shotgun with lever action trigger
Winfield 1887 Shotgun with lever action trigger

What we Know About The New Map

This is set: The new map will contain a quarry called “Reeve’s Quarry”. “The vertical” should play a role on the new map in any case.

Does it refer to high ground gameplay or does it mean that the birdlike boss can even fly? That remains speculation – the developers unfortunately didn’t say anything about it.

Hunt: Showdown Reeve's Quarry

Another confirmed location is “Graf Co Lumber”. Whether this is merely a continuation of the woodworking in Hunt: Showdown, which is a recurring theme, or whether something else is hidden behind it, Crytek still leaves open.

Graf Co LumberA somewhat more hidden hint within Crytek`s images was the “Pearl Plantation” – a large building that probably hides some secrets. The story behind it is still completely unknown.

Hunt: Showdown Pearl Plantation

The last location mentioned in the livestream is called “Happy Day”. This is a pavilion-like structure. According to Crytek’s information, people once celebrated parties there, met to listen to music or play instruments.

Hunt: Showdown Happy Day Pavillon

Your opinion: What do you think about the features that should be included in 2021 in Hunt: Showdown? Do you like the first impressions of the new map? Put it in the comments!


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