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The time has finally come, the new Hunt Showdown Boss has been fully presented and is called “Scrapbeak”. We don’t have his cool and unique skills for you now, we even have his background.

Waited a long time: Sure you’ve waited a long time for the new Hunt Showdown Boss to finally be presented in full. As the player base has collected 35 million points in the Crow event, Scrapbeak is now being introduced. To do that, developer Crytek shared a video introducing the Hunt Showdown boss Scrapbeak. And holy cannon barrel has it all.

 More News About Hunt Showdown

All of his abilities: Let’s jump right into the most important thing, the abilities of Scrapbeak. But we warn you, do not underestimate him and kill him slowly, you will benefit from it. In advance, it should be said that Scrapbeak has no immunity, so it can be killed by anything.

You should also know that there are no loot or refill stations within 100 meters of the Boss-Lair. So be well-equipped in advance and stock up on your consumables and ammunition in the cart.

All of Scrapbeak’s skills in Hunt Showdown

1. Backpack protection

This ability of Scrapbeak allows him to carry a backpack. That protects the boss from attacks on his back and reduces the damage by a whopping 50%. This does not include stabbing attacks.

Every time you deal enough damage to Scrapbeak, he will drop an item from his backpack. In total he gives you 3 items plus his weapon. But that also has a disadvantage: If the backpack gets smaller, the boss becomes permanently faster.

2. Item drop

Scrapbeak doesn’t just drop items and weapons from his backpack. If you kill the boss without explosives or fire, you will receive up to 12 items. But be careful, because killing too quickly also means that he does not drop all objects.

3. Enraged

In Rage, like all other bosses, Scrapbeak takes less damage. For every 25% HP withdrawn, he gets into this frenzy. You better not fight him now, because then he will plant barbed wire bombs.

4. Concertina bombs

Even without you attacking the new Hunt Showdown Boss, he will throw barbed wire bombs (Concertina) at you. These also have their own design so that you can distinguish them from normal ones.


That’s the story of Scrapbeak in Hunt

His origin: every villain has a tragic origin story. But that hasn’t really been the case with Hunt Monster. Usually, normal people were simply attacked by the ominous hell virus or demons or whatever caused the Louisiana incident.

Scrapbeak, on the other hand, suffered a serious wound in the past. That happened at the Battle of Fort Carmick during the US Civil War. On the Northern side, he fought the Confederates and lost both legs.

Exactly how he became this killer crow is currently unknown. There will certainly be a lot of log entries in the game later on.


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