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The well-known German developer Crytek has revealed their latest project, Hunt: Showdown. From what we’ve seen, it’s coming together pretty nicely. There is so much to praise already, as to be expected from such a well renowned studio. The graphics look stunning, setting the tone for the gloomy and dark world that they aim to portray. Though, will this game offer more than just a pretty sight?

Colleagues over at Gamestar were able to interview Lead Game Designer Dennis Schwarz at Gamescom 2017 in detail – showing some exclusive gameplay from their newest title.

What Is Hunt: Showdown?

As already seen at E3 2017Hunt: Showdown was shown to be a brand new first-person shooter with survival elements created by the German FPS experts at Crytek. In their first video dev-blog, the developers recently gave some insight into some of the ongoing development processes.

In this new co-op title, players will form two teams and search for a “boss monster” on a map that spans about a square kilometre. Each match is played with an eight player limit on a map that will always be the same. However, the regular opponents and monsters that you face will be varied. Hunt: Showdown will be running on CryEngine 5 (5.3) and has already shown to be very appealing from the images we’ve seen. There has been no word from Crytek about the system requirements.

Set in the 19th Century, Crytek is aiming for a mix between both historical and fictitious shooting. The monster hunters wield weapons that resemble old weapons used in the 19th century but with more rusty nails and blades, giving them a steampunk feel.

Just another Evolve?

It’s easy to see how Crytek would be a little reluctant after what happened with Evolve, a game with a similar concept. Yes, both titles involve hunting for monsters but Hunt does actually go for a very different approach: It’s important to note that in Hunt, the monster will not be controlled by a player, but by A.I.

With the exception of an ability allowing you to recognise any evil energy, there will be no supernatural powers that the hunter will possess. Starting with rather low class equipment, more will be earned as you play through matches. A round will consist of three phases:

  • Search: Search for clues to lead you to the monster.
  • Destroy: The monster will be rendered harmless.
  • Banishment: If the monster is unable to fight then it must be banished. This action will take some time – while the place of exile will be revealed to all other players.

Another Approach

If a player is to die within a match then they will lose all equipment that they gathered. Brutal I know, but at least any experience points will be transferred over to the next hunter. If the hunter feels like they’re  risking more than they are going to be able to gather, then they have the option to leave but without any reward. This is somewhat reminiscent of another survival game: Escape from Tarkov.

Hunt Showdown Gamescom 2017 Team
Teamwork is a big part of this game.

If you decide to tackle the risk, you will be rewarded handsomely should you emerge victorious. Though, you don’t just earn points for killing the monster. Points will be given out for other actions you complete within the game which can then be spent on new equipment and cosmetics in the in-game shop.

There is currently no planned release date by Crytek as of yet. We can only be certain of one thing; there will be no free-to-play version.



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