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At E3 this year, developers Crytek showed off their brand new innovative survival horror game, Hunt: Showdown. This FPS monster/player hunter seems to be taking the survival genre in an interesting direction that we here at Survivethis have high hopes for.

Awesome Gameplay Trailer at E3

In a gloomy western swamp-like setting, Hunt: Showdown explores a monster-ridden world where players have become hunters out of necessity. In their trailer we watched two of these “hunters” make their way through a monstrous marshland, in the hopes of finding and killing the true spawn of Satan. With the use of special evil sensing abilities and explosive equipment, players must be prepared to do what’s necessary to finish the job and come out alive.

Screenshots from E3.
Silence is key.

High Risk, High Reward

Now what makes Hunt: Showdown spectacularly different from other survival titles is it’s veteran play-style. It’s always fun to run in gungho with the best equipment possible and shoot the place up, however we advise against that. Hunt: Showdown has decided to go with a permanent death feature, ensuring that any player who falls in battle not only loses their life, but all their equipped weapons and items! The success of a monster hunter comes down to preparation and precision. Taking the risk may show impressive results and rewards, or simply death.

“Let’s make things even more challenging,” thought Crytek developers. Not only will you be fighting through hoards of horror, but there will also be other teams of players ready to give their all and kill anyone in their way. The company have defined their game as PVP/PVPVE. With so much to take into account when playing, Hunt: Showdown seems like an interesting pickup for any hardcore gamers.

Remember, only 1 life!

Here at Survivethis we have covered the survival and horror genre from every conceivable angle. So to have a game appear with the potential to introduce some new features is both refreshing and exciting for us. Perhaps Hunt: Showdown will reinvigorate the survival genre. We have our fingers crossed!


SOURCEHunt: Showdown Official
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