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The Hunt Showdown Event “As The Crow Flies” has started, we have all the information about the event points, the unlocks and the relics for you!

The new boss is coming: Hunt Showdown gets a new event in a few days. It goes by the sleek name “As The Crow Flies”. This introduces the new boss who, how should it be otherwise, is a big crow. But the event brings many more innovations, including skins that you can unlock during the event.

More News About Hunt Showdown

That’s in the upcoming Hunt Showdown event

What the event is all about: In As The Crow Flies, players have to work together to collect special event points. If the playerbase collects enough points act 1 will be closed and act 2 gets started. When act 2 starts, the boss appears and the event points that have now been collected go to the private account. You can then use them to buy the event skins of your choice. After the event the rest of your points will be transformed into Hunt Dollars.

To advance progress, crows must be killed and raven totems destroyed. Killing certain mobs during a round also ensures that the player base progresses.

  • Destroying small bird models (1 Event Point)
  • Destroying large bird models (2 Event Points)
  • Destroying a murder of crows (1 Event Point)
  • Investigating event-related clues and rifts (2 Event Points)
  • Killing a boss (3 Event Points)
  • Only in act 2: Killing the new boss (6 Event Points)

All players together must achieve a total of 100,000,000 (100 million) points to unlock Act 2. Around 24,000 players are currently playing Hunt Showdown at the same time. Each individual player would have to earn around 4,200 points. In a follow-up article we will show how long it takes!hunt-showdown-crow-totemExclusive items & currency: Once the Hunt Showdown community has completed an act, certain skins and items will be unlocked in the shop, which you can then purchase with your personally earned points.

Hunt Showdown Event Skins

  • Bomb Lance “Shrike” – unlocked in Act 2 and costs 1200 event points.
  • Chain pistol “Dark Miasma” – will be unlocked in Act 2. Given away as a login bonus.
  • Concertina “Scavangers Snare” – Activation in act 2 and costs 200 event points.
  • First aid kit “The Marrow” – is unlocked in Act 2 and costs 400 event points.
  • Sticky bomb “Sweet Briar” – Unlocked in Act 2 and costs 800 event points.
  • Legendary Hunter “Plague Doctor” – Unlocked in Act 2, costs 2000 event points.

Relics as in-game gifts for everyone

Event brings new mechanics: Now it’s getting speculative, because at the time of writing our article there is no information in text form about the Hunt Showdown event. In the trailer we can see three new items:

  • Iron – 20% boost to Event Points for a match, plus $ 199 for 1 random player.
  • Silver – 50% boost for event points during the match. Plus $ 349 gift for 3 random players.
  • Ivory – 100% boost for event points in a match. An additional $ 999 for all players in the round.

Random rewards in the Crow Relics

  • Hunt Dollars
  • Blood Bonds
  • Hunter slots
  • Bloodline XP
  • Upgrade points (3 UPs per Hunter in your current roster)
  • Legendary unlock (you will not get a copy of the weapon itself, but it will be unlocked for purchase in the store)
  • Legendary Hunter
  • Legendary equipment (you will get one piece of the equipment in question – not the unlock)
  • Equipment

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