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Ho-Ho-Ho! The monster hunt of Crytek Hunt: Showdown gets its own Christmas sweater, & it’s damn chic – but you have to be quick!

Hunt gets cool merch: There will be a Christmas sweater from the survival shooter Hunt: Showdown by German developer Crytek. This is really chic, although the order currently comes with two hooks.

I sensed that you are not in the Christmas mood yet. Wait, we’ll have that fixed in a moment:

More about Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Christmas Sweater! Look Beautiful on Christmas Eve

There are these variants: Yes, it seems intentionally or unintentionally funny that a brutal shooter like Hunt: Showdown suddenly rushes around the metaphorical corner with a sweater for the festival of love.

My first thought was also rather negative until I saw the sweaters and fell in love.
Although one could argue about whether Grandma really wants to be confronted with spiders on Christmas Eve.

Those are the catches: The first problem is that the Hunt: Showdown Christmas sweaters are only available while they are in stock. Once sold out, that’s it.

Problem number 2 is that the Cryteks website is currently inaccessible. Stupid if you want to sell something, isn’t it? The fans have been waiting for the site to go online for hours.

Click here to go to the Crytek merch shop!

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