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The survival horror shooter Hunt: Showdown starts the Kinderlachen Gala stream on Twitch. You can now find all the information here!

Crytek & Hector1 for children: Together with the Twitch streamer Hector_LIVE1, the developers of Hunt: Showdown are hosting a stream of children’s laughter. This online charity gala is intended to raise funds for the children’s laughter gala. The money goes to children in need as well as ill ones.

Hunt: Showdown Live with Famous German Support

What to expect: How could it be otherwise, Hunt: Showdown is played in the charity stream, which is organized by the German YouTuber and former Editor for Germany’s biggest Gaming-Magazin “GameStar” Fabian Siegismund and the streamer Psychoghost.

All donations raised during the stream will be given to the Kinderlachen Gala. This non-profit association takes care of sick and needy children all over Germany. Despite the fact that it is about children in our home country, the stream will be held in English. This way, people from around the world can donate to the little ones.


When does it start? The stream of Hector_LIVE1 is already in full swing! They will stream and collect money until 9:00 p.m. CET. In the first four hours of the event, those responsible were able to collect around € 18.300!

If you too want to help and donate, no matter where you come from, you are cordially invited to donate a small amount as well!



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