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Everybody is currently talking about the horror shooter “ILL“. The trailers exude Resident Evil charm and show extremely detailed destruction of the human body. We did research to get to the bottom of the question: is Ill real?

Project Ill: The project ILL is apparently a horror game from the development studio Clout Games. In ILL, like in Resident Evil 7, the player has to trudge through a house contaminated with mutants. The highlight of the matter: ILL offers extreme body horror, like from “The Thing”. But is the game real at all?

Watch out: horror shooter ILL could be fake

What is ILL? This project is a horror shooter created by the horror artist Oleg Vdovenko, his brother Vadim Vdovenko and two other developers. Oleg is known on the internet for his horror clips and artworks.

In the case of ILL, which he presented to the world for the first time a few days ago, it seems for the first time that it is not just a short film. A new Patreon account and the statement by the Vdenko brothers show: “This is a game”.

If that’s true, and ILL really is a horror game, this would be one of the best we’ve seen:

  • claustrophobic tightness
  • wonderfully cruel body horror
  • massive gun play
  • Bizarre art & monster design

What speaks against ILL? It all sounds too good to be true. The size and origin of the development team alone speaks volumes. So far, the developers have only developed mobile games under the name AMT Games, in which nothing works without cash.

Oleg Vdovenko’s history as an artist, who uses 3D programs to create coherent horror clips in video game optics, doesn’t exactly help with the credibility of the newly founded studio. Like his recent project “Spell” or “Stork”

It is also noticeable that there is little or no information about ILL without payment. All information is provided on the Patreon page of the game – for money. It is your own fault if you donate! There is already a developer website, but it is broken in many places or redirects to 404 pages.

Conclusion: keep your hands off this horror project!

What we think about it: More and more promising looking games are appearing out of nowhere, but in the end do not even appear. We can’t say whether ILL is actually fake or a real game in development though.

The likelihood that a four-person team, consisting of mobile game developers and a horror artist, will get a game like this is extremely low.

Other indications, such as the lack of a professional website, traces on the net, or freely accessible information, indicate that ILL is not a real game.

If you’re interested in ILL, keep following them. We will keep an eye on them too. Otherwise, don’t invest in it yet.

What do you think about it? Is it real or not? Comment below!


  1. It is a real game…. I’m a patreon follower… they’re in their fifth month of development after signing contracts with major publishing companies.

  2. I’ve employed Russians and they can do the work of 5 men.
    4 x 5 = 20
    They don’t surround themselves with red tape, politics, health and safety at work and all the other regulation that slows down business in the westernised world.

  3. It was only 5 devs that made „Valheim“ and look at the beast that turned into. (over 4 million copies in 3 weeks, and a record of 500k concurrent players on Steam) So, as you can see, you cant judge based on a small team, although I am leaning more towards you gents in that , I wont hold my breath until we hear or see something more solid. What I will say, is that Oleg Vdovenko is an extremely talented artist and I am surprised that a bigger publisher hasn’t jumped on this IF there’s any validity to this being an actual game in development. At a minimum, someone should snatch him up and hire him for a development team.

  4. I wouldnt bet on this being multi-player with 4 devs. However if it were a real project I can’t see why Microsoft or Sony wouldnt buy it. The problem always is though that if it happens to be made for co sole its going to get a hell of a downgrade like Division. Like The day before will likely get. So many of these projects to me feel like pre order crazy ,backer crazy get rich quick schemes if you ask me. Like cyberjunk. It looks too good to be true and you know the saying. So just don’t pre order this if they announce a steam release 22 months ahead of time.

  5. I really hope it’s real project AND really hope it’s gonna be multiplayer function. But yeah…only 4 devs making game….fingers crossed


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