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The little-known Czech developers, Perun Interactive, want more than just a simple portrayal of a homeless person. They aim to realistically create a simulation with Hobo: Tough Life. We had the chance to talk to the ambitious team over at Gamescom 2017 and we think that the game is proceeding well, even in it’s Early Access stage.

Hobo: Tough Life – To Be Taken Seriously

Perun Interactive only consists of three people. One of these developers worked in a warehouse back in December 2015 and would witness homeless people knocking at their door asking for food. This led to the idea that inspired the creation of Hobo: Tough Life.

Hobo Tough Life City Gamescom 2017
Not as beautiful after you’ve been sleeping on that bench.

To hear that they’re trying to deal with such a serious topic as homelessness in a video game was rather startling to begin with. Though the game doesn’t leave much room to be laughed at, already playable in such a stable state in it’s Alpha stage is impressive. Hobo: Tough Life is off to a good start.

Whether you’re searching through the trash for food, or trying to hook change from a pay phone, none of these features in the game are strictly for the purpose of fun. The gameplay aims to immerse you in a cold city full of spiteful residents and understand the difficulties of this lifestyle. Surviving as a homeless person in Hobo is not going to be easy.

Homeless RPG

Perun Interactive’s new title is going to be equipped with numerous rolling elements. This means basic necessities for hunger, tiredness and warmth will need to be fulfilled just as much as status values for not only cleanliness but also morality. In turn; the latter, in addition to the skills you will learn, will have an influence on your chances of success at earning some cold, hard cash.

Hobo Tough Life Inventory Gamescom 2017
The complex rolling system of Hobo isn’t limited to the inventory.

For example, if you were to accidentally grab a waste bag full of faeces during your attempts to gather food in the trash, you would become unclean and start to smell. This would then negatively affect any interactions with other people. Overall, they have managed to very nicely merge the common struggles of homeless people into the gameplay to make them genuine issues. They want you to feel like you are homeless.

Another important gameplay aspect of Hobo: Tough Life is the crafting and base-building. There are currently three venues where it is possible to use materials you can find to build yourself a rather less than comfortable, but suitable makeshift accommodation. This also allows you to craft various useful items for yourself such as things to heal your wounds or boost your moral which will not only require the correct materials but also a good amount of skill at varying mini games. Everything becomes a challenge in Hobo, fitting for the character you play.

The Future of Hobo: Combat System, Subways and More

In Hobo: Tough Life you are mostly going to be finding yourself playing in more of a defensive position though sometimes you’re going to need to throw out a few hits. In addition to simply using your classic fists, melee weapons will also be a possible solution to your violent worries. Sometimes it may be necessary, in this Czech metropolis, for your unfortunate character to fight back. Not all NPCs will be friendly.

Hobo Tough Life Rain Gamescom 2017
The weather represents the tone.

Competing with planned NPC-Hobos is soon to be added, allowing you to settle your differences the old fashioned way. These fights are not supposed to be deadly, only causing you to leave your opponent (or vice-versa) in an unconscious or weak state once victorious. This can be tied in with the 4 player co-op that is intended and allows you to team up and take the streets by force. The multiplayer will be primarily set with co-op in mind. This is a very interesting title so we’ll be keeping a close eye on it’s development.


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