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Fans who were disappointed with not being able to play the VR supported horror game, Here They Lie, will be happy to know things are changing. The developers have updated their game to support PS4 consoles.

Here They Lie is a collaboration project between Tomb Raider series designer, Toby Gard, and the co-director of Spec Ops: The Line, Corey Davis. This psychological horror game takes place in a ghastly town full of murderous people wearing animal heads. Try to survive as they hunt you down.

Support for PS4 Gamers

Here They Lie and the PlayStation VR headset were released together. This resulted in a lot people being unable to play the game because of the expensive price tag on VR headsets. The developers of Here They Lie understood the setbacks their decision brought, and have now included non-VR support for PS4 consoles. The support for people without PlayStation VR headsets is a cost free update, meaning you don’t have to buy a separate version of the game. In addition to this, the new update includes PS4 Pro Support for gamers with higher quality televisions. This will add “better shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion” for players using the “premium version of Sony’s hardware”.

The developers of Here They Lie decided to address the motion sickness gamers complained about during the launch of the title. The update adds improved head tracking and fixed texture streaming for a more balanced gameplay experience. This is a good move by the Gard and Davis because it exposes the game to more people. Here They Lie is sure to pick up additional recognition and we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about it soon.

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