This new first person stealth horror will make you think twice about spying on your next door neighbour. Hello Neighbor is an upcoming survival horror stealth game; you play as a man attempting to discover what secrets his neighbour is hiding in his basement. Prepare to deal with the worst neighbour ever.

Suburban Madness

You have just moved into a new suburb and immediately notice your neighbour is up to something fishy. The answer surely lies in his basement. You let your curiosity get the better of you and decide to break into his house. This proves to be no easy task, your neighbour turns out to be just as determined to keep you out as you are to get in. The neighbour seems desperate to protect his mysterious secret and will go to great lengths to stop you from figuring it out. Your only chance to escape his attacks is to distract and lure him away if he gets too close. Maybe you should set some safety measure traps yourself.

Your neighbour is a madman on the prowl and programmed to adapt to your every move. As the game progresses, he only becomes more insane and capable of capturing you. If you’re thinking about coming through the window, expect a bear trap there to greet you. Trying to outrun the neighbour’s attacks? He will find some kind of shortcut and catch you. Next time you attempt to go through the front door you can bet there will be cameras watching your every move.

You’re probably thinking it doesn’t sound like much of a horror game – think again. This is nothing but thrilling gameplay focused on sneaking around your neighbour’s home. If this doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will. The project has an exciting advanced A.I system and cartoonish graphics comparable to a Pixar film. Hello Neighbor is a joint project between developers Dynamic Pixels and publisher tinyBuild Games. At the moment, the game is currently in Alpha phase and being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Here’s the exciting news: Hello Neighbor has a free demo available now! Go download the demo and see how well you fare against the neighbour from hell.

Hello Neighbor is set to debut this upcoming summer on Steam for Microsoft Windows PC. There are no current plans for porting to other platforms.


SOURCEHello Neighbor Official
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