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Two weeks after the Early Access release of the space survival game Hellion, the developers have offered us a sneak peek at the contents of their first update, as well as a bit of behind the scenes information.

“What a Ride!”

Developer Zero Gravity has been blown away by the reaction of players to Hellion. “We knew we were making something special but the initial reaction is something that we did not expect.” Grateful that others have seen the same potential in their game as they have, they are embracing the ideals of the Early Access model and listening to the community to make Hellion great together.

Their number one stated goal is to work towards resolving bugs and issues that the community has been reporting. Their aim is for the game to run more smoothly with each new patch. Concurrent to this, another smaller team is working on new content to insert into Hellion.

New Tools, Weapons & Female Character Model

Since Hellion’s players have quickly adapted to and excelled at the principles of modular base building, a new base module is to be included in the 0.2.0 update. In addition to new tools and weapons, the player is now able to choose the sex of the protagonist.

Hellion female.
Prototype for the female protagonist.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled during your exploration for logs or messages distributed throughout the system. Reading through these may shed a little light onto the events that took place before you awoke from your cryocapsule.

Behind the Scenes of 0.2.0

Contrary to many survival games that we know (and love?), Hellion isn’t intended simply to be a “disaster happened and now you must survive” kind of game. While there is certainly an element of that, the new content is intended to help the player regain the lost memory of his (or soon to be her) protagonist. Hellion doesn’t have the familiar zombies or dinosaurs, but some kind of disaster that happened. Zero Gravity’s goal is to create an environment in which the player is curious enough to ask questions about what occurred.

How did you end up where you did? Where is everyone else? Why are only a handful of colonists awake while all the others are still asleep? Why are all these modules scattered around and why does future seem more backwards than the present in many aspects? But more importantly, why is it that you cannot die? How come that each time you are blown out of the airlock, shot or struck, you always wake up?

For Hellion, this is where the background story begins. It’s important to create the most appropriate setting and atmosphere for the introduction of the deeper story. Location, gameplay and lore must come together just right for the story to take root. Towards this end, the 0.2.0 update intends to set the groundwork for future content while also gearing the player up to be curious about what’s going on and what future updates will bring. Zero Gravity feels that in order the help tell the story “the right way” they must first add a few new modules, female characters, new features and items.

The 0.2.0 update will not answer all of the players questions, but hopes to spark your interest about the future development of the game. More information will be available here, and through continued Zero Gravity devblogs.

Hellion is available for PC on Steam Early Access.


SOURCEHellion - Official
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