Spaceship - Hellion
Der erste Spaziergang in der Schwerelosigkeit.


Orbiting our way soon is a new first-person, multiplayer, survival game set in space. Hellion combines survival and space simulation to give players a realistic off-world experience. Zero Gravity‘s debut game is set to be released in early access on Steam come February 24th 2017.

What the Hell is Hellion?

In the barren, lonely existence that is space, intuition and quick thinking can be the difference between life and death. In the danger ridden open world environment within your shuttle, you will face life threatening radiation, the powerful vacuum of space and decompression. Despite the toxic environment, you have no choice but to gather important survival items like food, water, air, and fuel, to name the basics.

However, you aren’t alone. With fellow astronauts alongside you just as desperate to survive, it would be wise to choose your allies carefully. The relationships you forge could gain you aid or utter destruction. Since there is no single player campaign, teamwork will play a big part in the gameplay combat. You will find that the shuttle holds many undiscovered secrets. To uncover them, you must risk going outside the safety of your compound. Your main task is to keep the shuttle in good shape and repair its failing systems.

What You Can Expect

Hellion has been in development for two years under the Zero Gravity team with aim of providing total realism. You can explore a solar system full of real planets, moons, ships, and stations all abiding by the laws of physics. There are no loading screens; this allows for total immersion. Sounds are programmed to adapt to the changes of your environment: “from the deadly silence of the hard vacuum to the deafening roar of the ship’s engine room.”

You can salvage discarded station modules and ships for use or just strip them for parts. You can use parts you find to upgrade equipment you already have. The materials, resources, and station modules are already all included. You’ll have to gather some resources with mining gear. Any asteroid exploration will most definitely lead to EVA mining and refining.

Einsame Flure
In the cold vacuum of space.

You’ll have the chance to pilot your own ship and explore every nook and cranny of the abandoned system. You will be relying on “realistic navigation and scanning mechanics”. This feature will also allow you to learn about the orbital mechanics of “RCS, main thrusters, and warp.” Hellion has an open world feel, with unrestricted zero gravity movement that makes for an unforgettable experience. For a more personal touch, you will be able to customise your base through the use of “salvaged modules”.

There are space battles! Detailed and complex combat mechanics will allow you to battle head to head with another player’s ship, control a built in “targeting and destruction” system and identify failing systems in need of repair. Once a player is killed, his ship, items and equipment are all up for grabs. You’ll have the choice of re-spawning or creating a new character. There will be engagement in close combat with other players and the chance to team up for raiding or simply safety in numbers. You can freely interact with other players and divide roles amongst your crew.

Die Raumstation in Hellion
What lies behind closed doors?

What the Future Will Bring

A lot of the features for Hellion are completed, but some are still a “work in progress”. The features that are still to be included is temperature, radiation, ship parts for salvaging, the ability for asteroid ship mining, crafting resource components from raw resources, a custom crafting system for parts, weapons, and other equipment. Also, in development for the game is customisable ships, stations, and personal equipment. In multiplayer mode, they are adding in the ability for short and long distance transmission chatting. The communication mechanics will include calling the attention of other ships, distress signal calls, and listening in on unsecured transmission channels.

There is no set price, but you can expect it to be similar to the other survival games out for early access. As of right now Hellion is for PC only, but they are deciding whether to include support for VR devices. To experience your own space hell, purchase the early release of the game next Friday.


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