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It’s not much longer till Hellion is released on Steam in Early Access to eager fans everywhere. The game has been gradually receiving attention and support over the last few months within the gaming community. In just three days players everywhere will be able to connect online in this first person, multiplayer only survival game set in the dark depths of space.

Countdown to Launch

The Zero Gravity team is set to launch Hellion on Friday, February 24th. Since the developers are mindful of the differing time zones, they have planned their release time accordingly. These times will be 10:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM ET, and 6:00 PM UK. Hellion’s Early Access price will be set at $24.99.

Hellion Gameplay Survival
There’s a lot of “space” to move around…get it?

Community Support & Early Access Features

The developers at Zero Gravity have been taking into account all the feedback from their small, but growing community. They discovered that two ideas were discussed frequently amongst the fans; private servers and immersive voice chat/radio. Their development team took it upon themselves to include these two features in the game earlier than planned. Although the team have more than enough on their plate already, with getting Hellion ready for launch, they went out of their way to work in these features. We are impressed with Zero Gravity’s quick response time and happy to know that they acknowledge their fans. The company are proud to announce that the private servers and in game voice chat will be available during the Early Access launch.

Hellion will have “dedicated public servers” and the option for players to host their own servers. For the voice chat and radio feature, there will be proximity chat that allows everyone to hear you talking. “All helmets have a built in radio system that allows you to communicate within a certain radius.” In response to fan requests, players’ voices will sound a little distorted over the radio, adding some realism and immersion to the characters. The further you move away, the more static will be heard over your radio; only once you are fully out of range will the static cease. However, keep in mind that the Zero Gravity team are still developing the radio feature and will continue to do so through Hellion’s early access period.

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