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Zero Gravity released Hellion for Early Access today and gamers everywhere are rushing to Steam to purchase a copy. As you will notice, Hellion has a lot of detailed features and this could be overwhelming for some people. Fortunately, we’ve created a guide to lead you through all the complicated navigating and space maneuvering. Whether you’re a first time gamer or long time veteran, this guide will be resourceful to all gamers alike.

All Systems Are a Go

The first task at hand is setting up the power structure of your shuttle. You will need to activate your two sets of solar panels. Next, you will have to turn on the capacitor, which will provide you with the excess energy needed to engage the warp drive. After switching these on, you will see the capacitor start to fill up. Now go down the ladder to enter the room below you. The “singularity cell detonator” sounds like a nuclear weapon, but fear not as it will be helpful to “consume warp cells”.

Hellion Inventar Vakuum Zero Gravity
Hellion inventory.

To officially start the game, take a seat in your pilot chair. You will see a control panel in front of you with buttons labelled, “Engine, Navigation, Docking, Headlight, Scanner and FTL”. At the moment, the engine is still in development phase. Therefore, no fuel is available to us. Select and activate FTL on the control panel in front of you. This is also used to activate the “Warp Drive”. Take a look at the screen to the left of you. Once the color goes from yellow to green and powers on, you are ready to navigate.

Setting Course for Navigation

Now let’s activate the “Navigation” button. A star map of the solar system will appear when doing so. There are several options displayed on the panel, one of them being your current location labelled by a triangle. If you want to find out what you are orbiting, click on one of the planets or moons and details will be provided.

The “Home Station” label zooms in on your base location. This will allow for quick travel back to your starting point. The other option is “Zoom to Parent”, which allows you to see which celestial object you’re currently orbiting. The larger objects will be visible, but the smaller ones are not. In the navigation menu, activate your scan to display the objects in close proximity to you. This will appear after a brief moment of waiting. The scanner is not yet strong enough to identify the object correctly. Because of this, you will see a gas cloud form around the found objects.

If you want to get a more detailed position on an object, change your orbit with the warp drive. To do this, right click on a planet or moon. When the option comes up, choose “custom orbit”. A green line will form around the planet or moon, thus displaying the orbit. Click on the green dot that appears on the object and you will see the parameters appear. Now drag your orbit out to the object you want analysed. A small circle will appear on the orbit and you should set this in the middle of the object. Once this is done, you can activate the warp drive.

It’s raining asteroids!

Destination Times and Warp Speeds

The FTL manual will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. You can choose between three warp speeds. Each cell provides an extra boost to the warp speed, if chosen to do so. It is wise to use Warp 1 for short distances, as it uses less fuel. Now it’s time to adjust your “Maneuver Time”. You will find this displayed in the bottom right-hand corner. This will tell your ship which direction to go in and when to arrive there. The first option is for “Activation Time” and the second is for “Arrival Time”. You can adjust the times in accordance to your preferred settings.

Once you’ve entered the times correctly, the maneuver status will display “FTL Drive Ready”. Select to “Initialize” maneuver and directions will be displayed to “align your ship with the chosen direction”. At the top of your screen, out of the navigation menu, you will see a red icon. You will need to manually point your ship in the direction of your destination. This must be done before the activation time runs out. Once you have positioned your ship correctly, the red icon will go green. When the activation time reaches zero, your ship will automatically navigate at warp speed to your selected destination. As the ship can now pilot itself, feel free to stand up and move around the ship. You can spend this time repairing the broken systems or suiting up.

Sometime later, you will arrive at your destination. You will not see anything displayed outside your ship. Go into your navigation menu again and choose to “remove coordinates” as a new orbit has been placed around your ship. You are close to your object, but not close enough to see it yet. Inside your navigation menu, activate the scanner again and the exact location of the object will be revealed. Next, you will need to activate the warp maneuver again and adjust the time and speed settings accordingly. The next time you arrive at this destination, your object should visible and close up.

If you’re feeling home sick, select “Home Station” and you can travel back to your home base.

If you feel that a video tutorial will be of additional help, the developers of Hellion have created one and uploaded it to their YouTube channel.

SOURCEHellion via YouTube
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