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Hellion is an immersive open-world multiplayer survival game set in a solar system lightyears from Earth. The game will be released to an eagerly awaiting audience on Friday 24th in Early Access on Steam. But what will Hellion bring? What will set it apart from other similar sci-fi titles like Astroneers or Empyrion? Let’s have a look at the features.

Space, Space & More Space

The question can be easily answered. What makes Hellion unique and different from other sci-fi survival titles is space itself. Hellion is completely based in outer-space. The game provides a seamless and realistically scaled solar system full of planets, moons, ships and space stations. Planets are visible, and can be used for orbital mechanics, but they cannot be colonised. You are stuck in the weightlessness of space and that’s final.

Hellion provides a world that fully abides by the laws of physics and provides an immersive experience with environments filled with realistic sound. You are in for a surprise when you hear the difference between the roar of a ship’s engine room and the shuddering silence of the hard vacuum of space.

Space Station.
The marvel of modern machinery.

Survival & Salvaging

You start off in an abandoned shack of a space station with almost nothing to your name. Now you must start to gather, craft and claw your way to survival in one of the most dangerous environments known to man.

In Hellion you don’t have to worry about hunger and thirst, instead you must learn to protect yourself against oxygen deficiency, decompression and being sucked into the endless vacuum of nothingness. Simple right? Maintaining your character’s temperature and the danger of radiation are works in progress for the developers at ZeroGravity Games.

One feature that everyone seems excited about is the ability to spacewalk. Don’t worry all you survival fanatics out there who miss picking up endless berries and punching trees, Hellion has you covered. Grab your spacesuit and mining gear and fly on over to the nearest asteroid or gas giant to harvest raw materials. Your resources can be refined into fuel, air and crafting components.

The crafting system is still a work in progress for Hellion, for now the only way to get better parts, weapons and equipment is through salvaging. Salvaging and exploring abandoned ships and stations will provide resources, parts and station modules for personal use. Strip them down and fix/upgrade your existing ship and equipment. ZeroGravity Games claim they are adding salvageable ships to repair and make your own.

Boarding a ship to salvage.
Prepare to board.

Ships & System Maintenance

Piloting your very own ship is going to be fun. Take command and explore a system full of interest and instability. Hellion uses realistic navigation and scanning mechanics to fully immerse its players. How long will it take you to master orbital manipulation, thrusters and using your warp drive?

If you’re looking for a more up close and personal approach then definitely go salvaging. Leave the safety of your ship an experience using EVA to explore deserted stations in search of Intel and interesting equipment. But be ready for realistic zero gravity movement.

Maintenance of your station is going to be key. Although not ready for the Early Access release, Hellion developers are interested in delving deep into station customisation and ship to ship combat. As of now you are able to build a base from salvaged materials and customise your station a little bit. You are going to have to keep an eye on resource management and make sure to maintain your station. If left unchecked you’ll eventually find yourself floating helplessly in space.

Inner workings of a ship.
Hi i’m here to fix your plumbing.

Friend or Foe? Fighting in Space

Hellion has a growing PvP aspect that promises more in future content. Play alone or team up with some friends to board enemy ships and engage in deadly close combat. Raid other player’s stations and claim their hard work as your own. Construct a crew and become the solar system’s very first space pirates!

Zero Gravity Games has already stated that in-game voice chat and realistic radio mechanics will be ready for the games release on Friday 24th.

Hellion has hyped us up with its epic space survival features and a cinematic trailer that leaves you grinning. What stories will you tell? Will you be a loner or part of a pirating pack? Will you raid or be raided? Do you think you’ll survive or suffocate in space? Only a day till we find out.

EVA suit and rifle.
Rifled up and ready sir.
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